Cosmetic Love Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade 81 Review

November 12, 2013 Setu 2 Comments

Hi Dearies, I have been guilty of posting very late these days. I am literally posting this review today while it should have been posted a month back. I am so so so busy since I joined my new job and with Saturday working. I hate that this is happening to me but its true :(

Anyways, this polish along with 4 others were sent to me from Cosmetic Love for honest review. Really, they keep some amazing nail polish which are not available in India. And the shipping is free.

Cosmetic Love Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade

About Cosmetic Love : It is Korean online beauty shop which stacks a lot of Korean beauty products, from nail paints to face masks to lipsticks to beauty solutions. The best part is they provide free International shipping Worldwide!! You can check their website at

About the Product:  Eco Nail Color. A long-lasting, vivid, and glossy nail polish with natural colors. You can find the product here ( )

Quantity and Price: 7.03$ for 10 ml.It comes in a round bottle stout bottle and looks pretty. The cap is thick circular which is not what I appreciate. But it doesn’t create any problems in application.

Cosmetic Love Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade

Color : I must say the color is very appeasing and soothing. It is a calm pink slightly pale pink. It is an absolute pastel color with matte finish.  I am sure with this kind of color, it is difficult to find a girl who will unlike it. It is a very safe choice. The pink isn't a very common pink which you already have in your drawer. It is a lighter, pale and sophisticated pink.

It is not a one -two coater. I applied a three-four coats to get opaque look. I am not sure but when I applied it over another pink polish and not bare nail, the color and glitters came up very well with one coat. Although it is not mentioned to use it over other nail polish but it is good try :)

It has lots of beautiful blue and pink and coral glitters in it. And they are easily pulled up in the brush and glide easily and spread over nails. Because of good amount of glitters you may get irritated while removing it.  I personally do not like glitter polish for this one reason, but there are lot of girls who don't mind :)

The staying is also quite good, I wore it for 4-5 days chip free. In fact, I was on a office tour where I couldn't wear nail art :(. And I hate carrying my nails with just polish. So I used this one, which is a polish yet different :) . And my nails gotta look different (this is my rule). And this polish did fairly well. And at the end of the trip my boss sitting next to me on flight did ask me, "these polish look different"!!! Although I did not show it, I was kinna happy :)

Cosmetic Love Innisfree Eco Nail Color Shade

Overall: It is very cute mix of our favorite pink in pastel and soft glitter tones. I am sure one will never repent having this. The only negatives for me are the effort of 4 swipes per nail and the removal process for the glitters inbuilt. There is nothing negative about these otherwise. Gorgeous feminine nail polish.

Rating : 3.5/5

* The Nail Polish was sent to me for my honest review.