It's Snowing Glitter Nail Art

November 30, 2013 Setu 7 Comments

Hi All, you may be aware that I had been to Delhi to my in laws for Diwali. I used to practically dress up every day for some or the other occasion. Either we had some guests coming or we were going as guests. But in all this run around, I kept on changing my nail paints and nail art everyday. I wanted it to match my dress.
Now the nail art I am sharing with you today is done to complement a black and white stripe knit top. Me and hubby were going to Meerut to visit a friend of his whose wife was expecting. Meerut is 1 to 1.5 hours drive from Delhi, so I agreed for the trip.

Glitter Pick-a-boo Nail Art

We had come back home at 4am the previous night (practically same day) after watching an excruciating long movie Krissh 2. And then we started at 11am the next morning (practically same morning). Do you think I had time between 4am to 11 am to change my nail paint and do a nail art. NO!! I was struggling to sleep even.

Glitter Pick-a-boo Nail Art

Anyways, I stepped into the car with no nail polish. But me being me, I carried a black and white nail paint and some accessory in the car with an ambitious dream of doing the entire polish and art in a moving car. And I succeeded indeed in my ambitious mission. One says correctly "Where there is will there is way"!!.

Glitter Pick-a-boo Nail Art

So here is what I did in car:

  • Applied Base Coat and let it dry.

  • Applied a coat of Maybelline Colorshow Porcelain White without dripping or dropping the paint and allowed it to dry.

  • Applied another coat of Maybelline Colorshow Porcelain White and let it dry.

  • Sponged the tips of my nails with Maybelline ColorShow Black Color  with Konad Sponging Set.

  • Did the cleanup job.

  • Applied a beautiful dark pink glitter polish on top to get hold of some bling. The white and black alone looked bland.

  • Sealed with a top coat.

Glitter Pick-a-boo Nail Art

Phhew!!! Please girls do not forget I was in a moving car (with some traffic jams in between) while did all this.No one likes traffic jams but I did not seem to mind one since it gave me time in between to some precision work!! I am quite impressed that I ever thought I could do this thing in a moving car (sitting on front seat) and even more amazed on how I was able to do it.

Glitter Pick-a-boo Nail Art
Ok, Yes...I am proud of it and my will power :) :) I hope you liked my nail art esp considering my dare of dong this in a moving car. Do you have similar experiences to share?