KKCentrehk Nail Water Decals Review

November 23, 2013 Setu 3 Comments

It has been sometime that I have been wanting to try out these Nail Water Decals and I am so happy I am finally sharing this with you. Few months back KKCentrehk contacted me checking if I would review their products. I decided flip through their website and I was so clueless after browsing their Nail Water Decals Section. I took a long time to select the water decals I wanted to review. Trust me when I say this "I was SPOILT for choice " . They have like an ocean full of variety and genre of decals. Loads of designs and patterns to choose from. Don't believe me ??? I bet you wont if you check this link . As per their site they have 2323 types of Decals.....Now that's what I call SPOILT for choice :) :) . I was feeling so greedy seeing them all that I almost wanted to pick all of them.

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

The decal that I used is N.NAIL Strawberry Head Little Girl Nail Water Decals and is priced $5.75 . Yes I do agree, they are a bit over priced as compared to the market competitors. But the plethora of options you get and unparallel designs partially justify the price. They do have 'Free International Shipping'  which is a must have at this price.

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

I used Maybelline Silk Stockings Nail Polish as the base color. I wanted a sober base to highlight the subltleness of these decals. But now I think I could have used brighter colors which would have brought out the beauty of these decals even more :( . But anyways, these aren't bad either. They are cute, classy and chick.

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

I also added a little bow to alternate fingers to try out the look and add a little bit of brightness and girly bit to it. I am not sure if it was better off without it . You take the call. I am happy with both.

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

I found this design in particular very unique and sweet. The market is flooded with feathers and flower decals. This one is like a breath of fresh air :)

How to Use Nail Water Decal

  • Cut each decal out as close to the image as you can then

  • Paint your nail with any base color as usual and let polish dry completely.

  • Put the decal in some water for 15 sec. Using a Tweezer or your sharp nails separate the white backing paper

  • Place the decal on your nail and take some clear polish and paint over the nails.

  • Cut each decal out as close to the image as you can then, paint your nail a light color (white, clear, ect.) Let polish dry. Put the decal in some water for 15 sec. Then remove the white backing. Place the decal on your nail and take some clear polish and paint over the decal several coats.

  • Viola, you have the prettiest designs and patterns on your nails in seconds without the effort of painting :) :)

Kkcenterhk Water Decal Review

How did you find the nail art and the decals?? I loved them for everything but price. So I would rate them 4/5 ( -1 for being kinna pricy, at least to me) . However, the good news is you can avail 10% discount by using my coupon code. I hope this would ease up the purchase.