Please vote for me in the Nail Art Contest and win Prizes while voting too!!

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Hi friends, This Nail art is done as an entry to Nail Art Contest hosted by  Manicured Monkey. Please visit Winter Nail art Contest and vote for me . And win is lots of polishes for participating in Voting too. Yes, the first price is amongst the contestants while the second prize is among the voters :) . You gotto enter email address and follow her via Google Friend Connect/Bloglovin in order to vote. You can follow on GFC via twitter, yahoo, google, open ID etc and vote daily.

Nail art Contest

Here is a brief on contest : Contest\giveaway is open worldwide. There will be two winners: 1st winner will be the winning nail art participant (will have priority choosing prize).  2nd winner is someone who participated in voting (you can get multiple entries daily to increase your chances). Nail art participants can also vote daily for themselves.

Hi Snowballs, it is very exciting to do nail art after long and finally share with you guys :) .In the last 18 days, I have managed to do only 2 nail arts. The last time I did nail art was 18 days back and this one I did yesterday. Such a great feeling!!

I am not very fond of winters but this nail art actually made me fall for it. I was not actually aiming for this look but ended up here. And I am glad I did, because I am kinna happy with it :) The last time I did nail art was 'I Hate winters'. And now with this nail I show my love to the snow and our own snowman. I still hate winters, but I am just trying to show another aspect of it.

Welcome Winter Nail Art

Welcome Winter Nail Art

Here is what I did :

  • Apply Color show Light Blue Nail polish to use as base color.

  • Use a clear glitter polish over blue polish to get that glittery snowflakes look.

  • With Brown Acrylic paint draw straight lines and branches with lighter strokes, use fine brush for this

  • With white acrylic paint draw snow dangling on branches. They don't have to be straight lines, just rough lines or dots are fine.

  • Using a sponge , just sponge some white nail polish on nail tips so that they look snow. It is important to do white sponging after the tree is made so that it looks like snow has fallen on it.

  • On your ring finger draw two dots, smaller one over the larger one.

  • Draw the snowman, using black acrylic paint for buttons & eyes, orange for beak, brown for cap, red for scarf.

  • Using dotting tool draw random snow flakes on each nail.

  • Now, keep the snow frozen on your nails applying a top coat :)

Welcome Winter Nail Art

Welcome Winter Nail Art

I hope you enjoyed the nail art. I got lot of appreciation for this nail art in office. It is kinna cute. Don't you think so?? Let me know what you think.

Welcome Winter Nail Art

How did you find it sweets? I really was up till 1 am doing this :( . Please vote for me if you think I deserve a win :)


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  2. aww, thanks a lot rachna....m glad u liked it.

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