Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme Review

December 20, 2013 Setu 6 Comments

I always keep a tube of Hand and Nail cream in office drawer. I apply them whenever my hands feel dry , whenever I wash my hands or whenever I feel pampering my hands n nails. I feel very inclined towards applying hand and nail cream due to amazing feeling it gives to my hands. I wash my hands sometimes just that I don't feel guilty of applying the cream again and again :P .
Now, I have always wanted to keep two hand and nail creams, one at office drawer and the other on my bed side table. We spend most of our awake hours in office so keeping it in office is a wise thing. But I also feel like applying it before I go to bed. And I definitely miss it on holidays.
So with the position of my night hand and nail cream being vacant for so long, I pounced on this in no time.

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

About Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme:-

You have: Thirsty, rough hands, dry cuticles and weak nails that need nourishment.
You want: A spa treatment that moisturizes and pampers hands & cuticles. Nails that are shiny & more resistant to breaking.
You’ll get: Beautifully groomed hands, nails & cuticles that look like you just left the salon! Multi-benefits of Vitamin A,C,E, Grape Seed Oil, Chamomile plus special, light weight nails. Absorbs instantly without grease!
To use: Apply as needed. Massage fingertips to wrist then concentrate on cuticles.

Price and Quantity : 99.2 grams for Rs 750 (I guess)

Ingredients :

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

My Experience :I am anyways a big fan of nails and sally Hansen, so this was a perfect mix. Yes, the cream is definitely expensive. I could get three or four hand and nail cream from Marks and Spencer at this price. And may be I wouldn't have purchased it on MRP but I got it on Rs 400 from blog sale. Even with 50% off this is expensive . But still it had two key words "nails" and "sally" so I jumped to it.The packaging in fresh orange is very cute. The fragrance is mild which is good.The formula is creamy and a bit heavier than the other M&S creams I have used. I thought it will be fine after rubbing . But it is a bit oily and shiny even after rubbing. The nail creams are supposed to vanish and absorb so that the fingers do not turn buttery. In this case you will notice some buttery touch and slippery finish.

So I use it as my bed time hand and nail cream :). And I love it. I also admire my softy and shiny hands after applying this. It doesn't have strong flavor, a mild fragrance which doesn't disturb sleep :)

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

Pros :

  • Rich and nourishing formula
  • Makes hands supple and soft
  • Provides gorgeous shine to hands and nails
  • Moisturizes my cuticles
  • Mild non disturbing fragrance
  • Ingredient List


  • Fingers become bit slippery after use, so not good for typing stuff at work
  • Expensive

My happy Nails after Application :)

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

Overall : 4/5 (-1 for being oily and expensive)

Have you tried Sally Hansen or any other hand and nail cream? And what was your experience?


  1. nice review Setu..
    currently i am using the Oriflame hand n nail cream.. i am loving it :)

  2. thanks Rajani. I m yet to try oriflame :)

  3. I can't believe how beautiful your nails are.

  4. Catherine those are the sweetest words for my nails....I am so glad u think that way :P

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