Faces Matte Nail Polish 'Greed' Shade 73 Review

January 15, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hi Girls, you know how sometimes we feel low and nothing seems to work or fall in place. That's the time when we either switch to praying or shopping :P :P

I had not been feeeling myself for days together and I was sulking on a christmas holiday. I decided to try the shopping therapy to lift up my mood. Now, this therapy never fails :) . And it was christmas so even if santa did not gift me anything, I decided to be my own santa :P :P . I told my hubby that I just needed a couple of polishes and we moved to Beauty Centre . Now obviously I did not pick up a couple of polishes, I picked up around 12 :P :P . I did purchase 3 of Faces Neon Matte Collection. Such an edgy mix "Neon" + "Matte".  Lets see how the first polish faired.

Faces Neon Matte Greed Polish Review Shade 73

About Faces Neon Matte : Flaunt your bright side with FACES Neon shades...

Price and Quantity : Rs 229 for  9 ml (I think I got it in Rs.180 at Beauty Centre)

Faces Matte Nail Enamel Greed: Review and Swatches

Color : There could not be a more apt name than "Greed" for this shade. It totally reminds of envious green color. The color is very bright and fun. The neon effect is not too over the top to make it very loud or cheap to wear. Neither is it underplayed that will go unnoticed. My friends at work did notice it and asked a lot about this polish. It did look popping out but I thouroughly enjoyed the attention :).

The matte finish is just like a cherry on cake and may be more than that. It is a very intelligent combo that faces came with. The lovely matte look and smoooth finish is totally admirable . One one side it is edgy, naughty and a die-hard attention seeker 'Neon' while on the other side it is subtle, shimmer free and gentle 'Matte'. The marraige of this two aspects makes it a total hit. Even girls who are non enamel lovers complemented about the finish and uniqueness.

Pigementation : After going gaga over color and finish, the pigementaion was a bummer. The consistency is fine but pigmentation is weak. I had to do four coats to get the oapaqueness. If you dont do so, your dead nail boundary will be visible. Although the appliaction wasnt messy, no pulling and pushing but no one likes to apply 4 coats of polish!!! I would have painted 20 nails in the effort I put for 10.

The appliaction was smooth though, no streaks and gentle. Removal was not big pain either considering the heavy 4 coats. Because it was 4 coats, it did take some time in drying and I do have a patch on my nail paints because I hit my wet nail paints towards something I dont remember :P :P

Faces Matte Nail Enamel Greed: Review and Swatches

Overall Rating : There is no doubt that the shade is gorgeous, tthe finish is amazing, the color is a head turner and the matte look is classy. But I cannot ignore the 4 coats too. Overall I would still recommend this polish to all. It will suit all complexions and looks too trendy to ignore. So I will rate it 4.8/ ( -. 2 for 4 coats).

I hope you enjoyed the review and swatches. Did you get a chance to lay hands on any of these. Do share your thoughts. Did you also end up with 4 coats or its just me ??


  1. I love matte nail paints...not green though...maybe some other shade :)