Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet Nail Polish Review

January 19, 2014 Setu 4 Comments

I have been always a fan of mint color and pastel shades. Ohh, my heart melts seeing pastels till date. They are too sweet not to imprint your mind. Similar was my feeling when I saw this polish, love at first sight!!! I got my friend from US pick it for me. Also, this was my first Sally Hansen Polish, so it is special to me. Although I had with it me with for an year now but I swatched it for the first time recently. Lets see the swatches and review of this one.

Product Claims: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear  Nail Color offers xtreme shine and protection. Match your manicure to your mood  with fun, trendy shades. Easy grip, easy glide brush is designed for complete  control.

  • Xtreme shine and protection

  • Easy grip, easy glide brush for control

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Price and Quantity : I bought it for $3 last year but I guess in India it is around 350 (not sure) for 11.8 ml.

Packaging : It comes in a long cylindrical bottle which is different from other polishes. It gave me a feeling of owning a luxury. I loved the bottle. I totally admire the long polish brush they have with this. This makes application so very easy. I felt a lot more control over my brush while application. This has one of the best application experinces by far in terms of brush and length.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Color : All words fall short to describe the sweet and classy pastel color. It is such a fresh minty color. Its like fresh early morning dew drops to eyes. The second I opened the lid , I felt the push to apply them asap on my nails. The color is faboulous pastel light minty green. I am sure it is a color which will be enjoyed by all the girls. I find it as an amazing base for nail art too. You can work with whatever color on this and it will not fail you. I did a very pretty vintage rose nail art on this, which I will share later.

The finish is smooth and shimmer free. It is more a creme nail polish. It doesnt have intense shine too which kind of gives subtleness and frozen look to the nails. The polish isnt streaky or goopy,but just right!!. Gorgeous spring color I must say (although I feel it will rock the entire year) :)

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Pigmenation : As I said it is more like a creme polish and the pigmenation screams of that. It gives lovely opaqueness in one coat itself but I prefer two coats for perfect finish. It glides like a dream on nails, such is the smoothness of this beauty.

It does seem chalky after appliaction due to lack of shine that creme polsihes have. Now one may dislike this, but I feel it gives kind of a calm and scerene look to the polish. The color and finish both are very soothing and appeasing. It literally feels like you have applied a fat free smoothie on your nails :) . It has a quick dry time also.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

OverAll Rating: It is undoubtedly a lovely, gorgeous and girly polish. It does make your hands look delicate and will suit all complexions. I will rate it 4/5 .

Have you tried any of Sally Hansen Xtreme nails? Are you too a fan of pastel shades like me? Do let me know what you feel about the color and review :)


  1. Yes, I've tried 2 so far from that line. One is called Strobe Light, which is a pink glitter and other is called Coin Flip, which is a coppery shade. I do like pastels, but they're too suggary for me, so I don't wear them that often.
    This mint polish looks great. So subtle.

  2. I have this polish and so very love it