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February 10, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Readers, when the whole world is going "Online" , how can be shopping be left behind?? I am a shopoholic like any other girl (may be a little more :P ) but somehow I have not been enough exposed to indian online shopping industry much. I am too busy shopping international for my nail paints which are not available in India :P :P

Better late than never, I finally shopped from 'Jabong'. Jabong is one of the leading online portals for shopping in India. There are always loads of offers running on Jabong. It is delightful to cash on one :) .

Jabong Offers

I did a very tini-mini hauls (considering my massive appetite for shopping ) from Jabong and following was my experience :

There is huge variety and plethora of options to shop. The screen is setup neat and filters (which is v important to select only relevant products) are very well defined.

The 'Quick View' option for each product made it very easy to dive a little deeper into product without having to open to a new tab/window.

Jabong Quick View

On clicking 'Quick View' following level of information floats up.

Jabong Quick View Window

However, I was very confused in the beginning about the shipping policy of Jabong. It seems that there is no absolute amount like above Rs.500 or something. For some items it was free shipping if total order crossed Rs 500 but for others it didn't. I managed to make a small haul eligible for free shipping. I am still not sure about shipping policy from Jabong. It didn't have to be a rocket science :( . It is difficult to keep a tab on the permutation combination to get a free shipping.

Jabong Shipping

I wanted to opt for COD for which an additional Rs 39 was to my bill. I wasn't expecting this , I thought it was free :( .  I didn't want to pay extra so I changed by billing option.

Jabong Payment

And now finally my haul :) :) I ordered Konad Double Sided Stamper, Vedic Line Healing Gel and VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask.

Jabong Haul

Each item was bubble wrapped for safety. I liked that they took this care for even non-fragile items.

Jabong Haul Packaging

And finally, a small 'Jabong card' to tell what Jabong means.

What is Jabong

Overall, it was extremely prompt, seamless and responsive. You wont believe they update you about every activity related to your item. Really, I have not felt half "Aware" about whats happening to the order from SA to billing counter , as much I had been with this order. They messaged and emailed at each stage which really didn't leave me wondering about my products for once.

To sum up, I had a smooth, glitch free and pleasant shopping experience with .

PS : Jabong provided me shopping voucher for the purchase but my review is honest.


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