Fall In Love With Yourself

March 07, 2014 Setu 9 Comments

Hi, This Woman's Day I just wanted to share with you a thought. I had written this article monthsss back, but never found a better time to publish it. This Womans Day no cool nail art or verbose product review, just wanted to steal you attention for a bit to let you go through this!!

Fall In Love With Yourself

Let me begin with an abrupt question. Who do you spend your maximum time with? Do obvious answers sound like - Husband? Parents? Siblings? Office Mates? Your Children? and so on..? The correct answer is one spends maximum time with himself/herself.

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Respect your elders, love your younger ones, be kind to the less privileged, spend time with your family, work hard for your organization, never lie to others…… does this sound familiar? Yes, since childhood this is like a record which has been played in our mind again and again and again. I think no one here can claim to have escaped multiple dosages of these words of wisdom. So much so that these have become universal facts to live a good life and be a good person.

But while our minds were shoved with how to behave with others, no one taught us how to treat ourselves. True, one should respect elders but how about yourself; don’t you deserve some respect as well? Of course love your younger ones; but aren’t you responsible to love yourself too? Be kind to the less privileged but do you have the privilege of everything you ever deserved? So, why shouldn’t you be kind to yourself too? Spend time with your family but how about spending some time with yourself first? Work hard for your organization, you owe them; well working hard on yourself isn’t half as bad. Infact, you owe more to yourself!

These are the things that no one would tell you; they aren’t even included in our close to perfect curriculum. We have mugged up books that throw light on our past & history in school but not a single chapter on our future? We have so many projects on people management in MBA but how did we miss out on any projects to manage ourselves (and this doesn’t include the useless lectures on time management)? Is it possible that everyone forgot including these in our curriculum, projects and books? Believe me NO. Because how to treat yourself, how to manage yourself, what will your future be and how to live with yourself cannot be taught by anyone; it is to be learnt and acquired on our own. No curriculum, management lesson, books or project can teach you that.

So stop, wait and think are you good to yourself? Are you respectful to yourself? Are you kind to yourself? Are you in love with yourself?

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Is it bad to offer yourself a compliment when you look pretty? Is it not acceptable if you pat your back each time you succeed? Is it wrong to hug yourself and assure you that ‘you are there for you’ even if others leave your side? Is it weird to kiss your hands after cooking an excellent dinner for your family? Is it not correct if you love yourself?

To be honest, I try to treat myself a little bit each time I achieve something. That little bit may be a chocolate, a nail polish(mostly nail polish), some cosmetics…. I try to pamper myself by sleeping long hours if I have overworked the previous night. I kiss my nails each time I amaze myself with a beautiful nail art(I practice this most often :P) . Its nice to comfort tired foot in warm water dip every time you have dragged them for long without their wish. Buy yourself some gift, be it shoes, cosmetics or a 5 ml nail paint every time you succeed in controlling your urge to shop for months. Do splurge in an exotic dinner in  restaurant every few months if you have punished your taste buds with bland healthy food.

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Frankly speaking, we all must have faced situation when we were too tired to make a hot tea for our sore throat, so we have skipped it leaving us miserable and coughing. But as soon as your spouse/parents/child/guest asked for a hot chocolate you were up on your toes to get one. So my question is why couldn’t you this for you? Why couldn’t you care for yourself? Isn’t your sore throat screaming for some help? Well, the bitter truth is we take ourselves for granted. But don’t worry, you are not alone, because when you take yourself for granted the world will follow it, others will also take you for granted!!

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Care for yourself if you want others to care for you. Have you ever wondered why your mother is more careful while cooking for some people while they don’t bother much while cooking for themselves? Have you ever felt that even if you said you are tired you still get requests to make coffee from your child/husband but when your husband says he is tired you draw curtains, dim the lights and ask him to rest?

It’s  because your mother knows that some people care for taste and perfection in food.Because you have conveyed the message that you can still run around and be at service even if you are dead tired.

The symptoms of the disease described above are especially true when thought in context to a woman. We have so much love and care and kindness and tenderness to offer the world, while we have so little allocated to us. We can make endless number of coffees for our husband but not one cup of tea for us the way we like it. The dinner menu is always what your husband or child likes, ever considered cooking your favorite food GUILT FREE? Your child’s chapped lips bring so much pain to you and those cracks on your feet never crossed your mind? Do you always have to depend on your husband/boyfriend to tell you that are beautiful; can’t you shout out loud and say this to you? How about making your favorite tea and sipping it while watching your favorite movie, without worrying about the soiled linen in washing machine? How about running for a pedicure once before you run to get the boring grocery for home?

Try being a little kind to you, be soft to you, pamper yourself, sympathize with yourself and remember all the things within you which are worth loving. Loving one isn’t a crime. Why is love always considered as something that we should get from others and not as something which we can do from within?

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I am not endorsing selfishness here but yes, I am pitching a little bit of self love and self involvement. Why is ‘me’ before ‘we’ a crime? We are guilty to even think of this. Only if you are happy you can make others happy. Only if you are thrilled, you can pass on the adventure to others. Only when you enjoy yourself others can enjoy with you. So others will care for you only as much as you care for yourself. They will be as good to you as you are to yourself. And they would love you as much you love yourself.

The more you do for you, the more you will have the capacity to do for others. A sick person cannot be a doctor. A limp person cannot help others walk. A blind person cannot help others see the world. A hollow person cannot complete others life. And a love deprived person cannot love others.

But above all, can you guess the strongest reason to love yourself? It’s because no one can ever love you as much as you can. You are the best judge of yourself and you are your best help. No one will ever take you more seriously than you. And you will always be there for you.


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  1. I agree to this 100 % . I actually follow this like u said treating yourself right first. I too believe that if I am not happy how can I make others happy and it's not being selfish. I m able to organise myself better by reminding myself that I need a ME time. My nailart/blogging is my ME TIME. I strongly recommend this to all ladies to do something for yourself. Great article Setu. Happy Women's Day

  2. A very inspiring article...We always expect appreciation from others but always forget to appreciate ourselves for who we are and how awesome we are.thanks for reminding :)

  3. Lovely post Setu. Yes one most have time, love and respect for oneself. Happy Woman's Day

  4. Hi Anu, totally true..Blogging?nail Art is me time and my small world. Glad you can relate to it!!

  5. So true yaar...I am really happy that this article in someway is reminding you , how awesome you are!!!

  6. Happy Womans Day Manisha....Glad u liked it!!!

  7. Congratulations! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! http://ladylacquer.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/liebster-award/