Festive Wedding Nail Art

March 23, 2014 Setu 7 Comments

Hi Friends, if you remember I had been to Pune for a wedding some time back. Back then I did a wedding nail art for me, my sis and my cousin :)  Fortunately, all them of almost turned out well.

Today, I am sharing the nail art I did for my sister. She was very fascinated with flocking powder so sprinkled some :) :)

Velvet Festive Nails Nail Art

I used NYX pastel Yellow and Maybelline Colorshow Keep Up the Flame to paint her fingers.

Applying Flocking Powder / Getting Velvet Nails :

Even on the fingers where I applied Red Flocking/velvet powder I applied a shade similar to velvet powder underneath. It is important to wear the same color polish because some times your nude nails may give a peek-a-boo :P . Also, if you lose some velvet at some place, it should not be starkly visible, the polish will camouflage. Apply the flocking powder on wet polish and just press them to stick. Remember to sprinkle the flocking powder so that they don't form lumps. You can also spread the velvet powder on a paper and rub it to even the strands out. You can also apply it over nail glue (applied over dry polish) instead of just wet nail paint so that they stay longer.

Velvet Festive Nails Nail Art

On the fingers painted yellow, I did a simple sleek tribal/traditional kinna design using red acrylic paint. I wanted a bit of a traditional/rustic look to make the nail art look traditional.

Velvet Festive Nails Nail Art

My sister was wearing a mustard and red anarkali , so this color combination complimented it. And most importantly , my sister was happy with it and I was relieved. And this nail was quite quick and easy, as opposed to the heavy glamour it gets to your attire.

What do you think about the nail art? Would you want to wear it for any of your such occasions? Pls comment and let me know.