Sparkling Water Nail Art

March 16, 2014 Setu 9 Comments

Hi Cupcakes, I am very excited to share something new with you today. I am experimenting 'A lot of sparkles nails' and also daring to share with you all  :roll: . I am too shy to wear a lot of glitters on my nails. But tomorrow I leave for Goa and I am in all festive mood. I thought what better than carrying sparkling waters on my nails to the Goa Beach. Ohh!! how I relieved I am to go on a very mini break. Its march and I am too busy in office exhausted. So a mini Aqua Break. I love beaches, don't you?

Sparkling Water Nail Art

Sparkling Water Nail Art 1

Warning : This post is picture heavy, you can get shots of glitters in soooo many ways :P

Sparkling Water Nail Art 2

Sparkling Water Nail Art 3

Ok, enough talking, back to the nail art. So this is what I used

Sparkling Water Nail Art 4

  • Rimmel Mintilicious

  • Maybelline Colorshow Shoking Seas

  • Essence Vintage District Gel look Top Coat

  • Missha CrystalNail Polish

How to do Sparkling Water Nail Art :

  1. Do the cleaning, cutting and file of your nails. Apply a base coat and let it dry.

  2. Use any minty shade polish for the base color. You can any color combination of your choice, I wanted mint and blue.

  3. Sponge some blue polish over the nail tips to get a gradient effect. You know how actually waves look lighter and darker shades of blue when viewed from different distances. Yes, to get that effect.

  4. Now, I used the glitter bomb polish from Mishha Crystal Polish. There are endless glitters in the polish so I used them sparingly so allow some visibility to my gradient polish too.

  5. Now,since I am not applying the glitter at all places but just dragging though, the finish won't be smooth. So, to smoothen out and give lasting shine I used a top coat.

Sparkling Water Nail Art 7

Sparkling Water Nail Art 8

Viola! My shiny , sparkly water nail art is ready. I was aiming for other nailart in reality, but it ended up in a disaster. So this is a damage control nail art. But I am very happy with it.

Sparkling Water Nail Art 9

Can you see the cool mint and blue gradients within? And the diamond like shine that these crystal glitters and are giving? I wanted a glossy and jazzy nail art for my holiday, and now I have one. I would never worn this otherwise, had I not been off to Goa.

Sparkling Water Nail Art

I really hope you enjoyed it and loved it. Please leave your comments :)


  1. Hey thanks Ruhi, glad you liked it

  2. Wow Setu it looks absolute fab!
    ps: I'll reply to your email shortly. I am having crazy busy weeks lately.

  3. Hey thx viviana,,,I was really getting feeling dat smthng is wrong wen u didnt reply email fr long
    hope things settle down soon at ur end

  4. Thanks Rajani..Even I loved my quickie nail art for a change :P

  5. These look beautiful. Love the gradient and glitter effect

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