Traditional In Pink Nails

July 31, 2014 Setu 1 Comments

Hi Girls, how are you? Its raining cats and dogs in Mumbai and everything is dark and gloomy mostly. So it is of utmost importance to atleast wear bright nails to lighten up the day :P.

Traditional In Pink Nails

Ya, don't you feel happy and exhilarated to look at pretty and bright nails? I feel totally merry and chirping seeing beautifully done nails. Seriously, almost all my irritation and tiredness disappears with a sight of gorgeous nails.

Traditional In Pink Nails

Anyways, I was looking for softness in my nail art so used Pink. Now I am doing my Signature style which is mostly tribal or traditional prints. I love colorful and intense designs. I did them for OMD Challenge and theme is "Signature Style".

I made some Stamping Decals on my own for first time and am using them. I am really not sure if I was successful in transferring them to my nails. I loved the decals though but I don't think I perfectly transferred them to my nails. I used Orange Neon Studs on my non decal fingers to get some spunk.
I got these Neon Studs from for review and they are amazing. You can buy them at here) .You can use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% discount across the store :).

Traditional In Pink Nails

I used Moyou Pro Plate Explorer 07 to stamp the intricate design and then colored them with acrylics. I love such designs.

I am in love with such intricate colorfilled designs. Are you too? Whats your signature style? Tell me your thoughts about my signature style :)

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