Jelly Sandwich Stamping Nail Art

August 08, 2014 Setu 4 Comments

Hi Friends, I am going to share my very first attempt on stamping between jelly sandwich today. I am thrilled and also scared, because I am unsure if this is what it was supposed to look like.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

I am smitten by stamping these days, and I want to stamp every now and then. I love freehand too, it's so orignal, but I prefer freehand on a weekend when I have more time :). Though stamping also does take a considerable amount of effort and time.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art 1

Anyways, I have been purchasing polish left,right and centre and dumping them without using them :(. I bought NYX Juliana which is yellow jelly polish with micro shimmers day before. I am not fond of sheer polish but then I thought of Jelly sandwich and Leadlight technique and picked one.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

So, finally yesterday night I did this nail art. I applied two layers "NYX Juliana" as base.

[caption id="attachment_3938" align="alignnone" width="516"]Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art Two Layers of NYX Juliana[/caption]

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

Then I used Sally Hansen White On to stamp images from Moyou Pro Plate 07 on my nails. With acrylic paint and dotting tool I gave centre dots to the flowers. I am not sure if it was the correct thing, but I like flowers that way.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

After that, I applied one layer of NYX Juliana again. I have not used any top coat here because it makes polish very heavy on my nails. There is already a base coat and three layers of shimmer embedded polish.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

The polish is very pretty and looks so juicy in person. It has a luscious shine I must say and I am loving it.

I am sure to use this polish more often in coming days. I also saw a similar finish polish on NYX stand in Neon Green that day, but didn't buy as I was unsure of its usage. But now I am sure when I go next, I am gonna hunt for these sheer jellies.

Jelly Sandwitch Stamping Nail Art

I am getting a lot of constructive ideas using such polish :). I can also use this a top coat on some colors to shift the hue. Also, we have Rakhee approaching and the twigs and flowers are paired in a way that they look like 'Rakhee'. Isn't it? I am think I am gonna wear this nail art for Rakshabandhan.Yellow being an auspicious color for us, I am also getting the traditional feel.

What do you guys have to say about the nail art and the polish? Please share your comments with me :)