Tie and Dye Nail Art

September 28, 2014 Setu 18 Comments

Hi Fellas, its practically the end of this month and I have signed up for so many challenges. I am trying a 'Tie and Dye' nail art for the first time today.I am not sure how it came out but I happy I attempted. See that's what happens when you participate in a 'sensible' challenge or participate in a challenge 'sensibly':). You try so many things which you wouldn't have otherwise.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

This is basically for STN Challenge where the theme is 'Tie and Dye'. And I am also gonna use this for "Finnishable Challenge" theme 'Familiar Pattern'. This is a very familiar pattern in India and also across.

Tie and Dye Nail art

I have taken inspiration from "Jaunty Juli" on how to do this nail art. There may be various ways to do this nail art but this one appealed me most, so I am gonna go with this.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Its basically lining few favorite polishes side by side on a nail and the immediately re-apply another coat of same polish on them.Yes, the polishes will be pretty wet before second application.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Using a thick needle end or toothpick to pull drag few strokes from inside out. By inside out, I mean from the first color inside till the last color outside.

Nail Art and Dye Nail ARt

Since the polishes are wet, they will drag and create a tie and dye like pattern. If you are still not sure watch Jaunty Juli's video, I am sure you will get it.

Tie and Dye Nail ARt

The polishes I have used are Tip Top Creamy Orange, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Tip Top Black Forest   from inside to outside.I used a tooth pick to do the dragging activity.

I liked the fact that it could be done easily and am quite satisfied with the result. Do you think I did justice to Tie and Dye? Easy can also be beautiful right and its fun to try new things? What say ?


Paint it Red!

September 26, 2014 Setu 4 Comments

Hello Sugars!! It’s the last week of September and the beginning of a lot of challenges that I have signed up for. Pheww!! I have tried a lot to participate in challenges in past but have never been able to do so in full spirit. I have always left them midway. But this time I am trying to be a bit more planned and structured. Let’s see how much I succeed.

Paint It Red Nail Art

This Nail Art is for:

  • Week 1 of “Autumn Nail Art Challenge” on Blogger Bragger – Theme “Red”

  • “Finnishable Challenge” - Theme “Play that Song”. So I picked up an all time happy song from movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” – “Paint It Red!”

Paint It Red Nail Art

I had been longing to try this color for some months now and finally I was happy to see the theme “Red”. I am not a “Red” person, nope...not even near it. But a pretty gorgeous crimson red never hurts :P. It does make your hand look fancy.

Paint It Red Nail Art

The red polish I used for base is Essence –‘Redvolution’. It’s is bright red jelly polish. It leans a bit towards orange and has a shiny lustrous finish.

I used my 2 years old , never used Konad Plate for this nail art. For stamping I used Barry M ‘Silver Foil’. It was somehow so difficult to get complete images on my nails, bad stamping day!. I had a lot of retakes :(

Nail Art Rhinestone from BornPrettyStore

I was not sure of what to do on my accent finger. Just then I saw rhinestone wheel I got from Bornpretty for review. I quickly grabbed and pulled out some rhinestones. They seemed to make a perfect match. I used Nail Glue to stick them on my nails. The Rhinestone wheel is a must have in your nail accessory kit. Trust me, it is gonna fit in almost all nail arts and will come to your rescue whenever you are out of ideas. You can buy them on Bornprettystore. They offer free worldwide shipping. Also you can enjoy 10% discount if you use my coupon code HQBQ10.

Paint It Red Nail Art. 4


paint it red nail art

Back to my nail art, I finished them with Seche Vite top coat. My nails look like bridal nails completely. They are perfect to be worn for an Indian wedding. I am definably gonna use it for someone’s wedding. What do you think guys?


First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

September 21, 2014 Setu 15 Comments

Hi Girls, I am jittery to share my nail art today because neither I am very fond of this nail art technique nor I am fond of the result :(.

Its the Scaled Gradient Nail Art first done by SimplyNaillogical. She did an awesome and I am no where near to it or anyone. But I have made an honest attempt, only you can say if I succeeded.

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

I used a nude base color from 'Collection' (a UK brand). I was so happy to be trying out a nude after so long. I always loved them, only I don't know why did I stop wearing them :P. I was so impressed by it that I did a few clicks and here they are.

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art


First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art -Nude Polish Used

I also got a thought in the hind side of my brain that chuck the nail art, the nude in itself is ravishing. And after seeing the end result of my Gradient Scale, I got a strong feeling I was correct earlier :P

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

For the neon green gradient I used Models Own Flip Flop. I am on my knees for this polish. Its so deeply pigmented, a lively color and it screams "Neon" from the top of its voice.I have many more nail arts running in my mind using them.

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

Lets see how well they turn out. For now you just to gaze this one and leave me some kind words so that I am motivated enough to try more. You know the morale of an artist can also go low at times :)


Neon Animal Prints and Flower Nail Art

September 19, 2014 Setu 6 Comments

Hi Fellas, I am sharing a month old nail art with you today. Well, this is no surprise I have too many nail arts to share with you at times and the frequency of posting doesn’t match up with the frequency of doing nail art. I was wearing this nail art on my way to Nepal.

Anyone who is regular here will know how I miss all the events to do my nail art for. On all the celebration days, important dinners, trips, even my birthday; I am caught either nude nails or with worst of nail art. I don’t know why my nail art shies away when I have audience. So being true to my nature and history, I was again wearing an average nail art on my trip to Nepal. I so wanted to flaunt my best work but somehow with the turn of events I ended up with this.

Neon Animal Prints and Flower Nail Art

I wore a neon green polish for base, I am forgetting the brand. I think it was Miss Claires. I made zebra stripes with black acrylic polish and fine brush. Gosh! I did them after long and the results scream ‘out of practice’. I am not very happy with the stripes. I used nail art water decals for the flowers which I think was another bummer. I love the design but the flowers did not come as bright on a dark base. The flowers were supposed to red color on sheet but on nails they faded to pink.

Neon Animal Prints and Flower Nail Art

I used Seche Vite for Top Coat. Now since I did this nail art late night and I was travelling very next morning I could not manage to get enough clicks. However, I am sharing a pic of nail art I did on cousin sister’s nails.

Tribal free hand nail art

Do you like them? Are you also caught with nude nails or average nail art on all special occasions?


Back to School Nail Art

September 17, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hi Friends, September is ‘Teachers Day’ Month so I thought why not get some school memories on my nails. There were lots of ideas that crossed my mind but I was confused. I asked my dad to chose the image for my nail art. I lined many plates with school like theme and asked him to pick one. He went with this image from Moyou Scholar Plate 02 caught my fancy.

Moyou Scholar plate 02

It was just what I had in my mind. Only a book would have been an untrue depiction of school days, as if we were always buried in books. This image had books opened and birds flying out of it. Yes, it was so appropriate to what we did in school. We would flow to our own world of imagination the moment we would open books.

Back to School Nail Art

We would spend hours in our dream land with books open to bail us out in case we are caught :) . I miss those days :).

I used Models Own Blueberry Muffin for the base colour. It’s lovely and creamy. I loved the colour, faint blue colour in light. This is the lightest blue in my statsh or probably available in market. The only downside is sometimes it looks more like bright white than blue :(. I got this comment (hey! Bright white polish) from someone in office yesterday and I got upset :( .

Back to School Nail Art

Nonetheless, I love this color. I used Moyou Scholar Plate 02 to get the image and stamped them with Maybelline Black Out. After stamping, the book image then seemed kinna blank to me. It was like a blank book with no words. So I took my newly acquired marker pen and drew some broken lines so that it looks like there is something written in the book :)

Back to School Nail Art

I would say it was a good idea. My dad also helped me in this nail art. At first I stamped the book from the wrong side i.e. the book will look inverted :( . I was so upset when my dad suggested, why don’t you do random stamping with books at scattered at different places. He said when do children keep and read the book organised, they always throw it here and there. They are scattered, right! Yes, he was correct and I am glad that I took his advice.

Back to School Nail Art

I know you must be wondering, yes I torture my hubby and dad by sharing and flaunting all my polishes, plates, accessory etc. They have to go through lengthy description of each collection of plates, polish , tricks, techniques, new stores, completion , challenges and brands. I think with so much information overload, they are just a little far from doing nail art!! LOL.

Do you guys also torment your family being a polish Wikipedia?? Isn’t it very sweet of our family to be all ears everytime we have polish info diarrhoea: P


Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

September 09, 2014 Setu 13 Comments

Good Morning Sugars!!I re-experimented the technique of Paisley Nail Art that I did with Gel Pen. The merciless smudging of the design I did yesterday had really depressed me from within. My designs were  pretty nice as per me. I was kinna happy with it, but ruthless smudging killed it!! Anyways, I was thinking about it over and over again at work.

After Office I rushed to a stationary shop and took another pen which had fibre tip and was permanent. It was a DVD/CD marker. I did a trial on my nails at my shop and it didn’t wipe off on touching like gel pen. So with lots of hope in heart I bought a black and red pen. I also bought some medium sized rhinestones from the shop in various colors.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

With my newly acquired nail art paraphernalia, I sat down at home to try something out. Also, I had bought Nubar ‘Purple Mania’ few days back. And I am totally awestruck at that polish. The finish and color is amazing.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

I did a one coat base of Wet and Wild 2% Milk on my nails. Then I used circle reinforcements, a sheet of which was gifted by my friend Manisha and painted my exposed nails with Nubar Purple Mania. This is my first attempt at half moon and I am happy with it.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

After the polish was dry I used my Camlin DVD/CD writer to draw leafy filigree kind of design. It was very easy as compared to when I draw with brush. The drawing seemed to be more in control. It was smooth and easy. It is less time taking and messy. I was just sitting in drawing room watching television with a pen in my hand, drawing on my nails :)

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

I feel it is very easy and convenient to use and carry as well. Even when I am travelling or on vacations this is going to come very handy.

With ‘Black Forest’ Tip Top Polish and a striper brush I outlined the half moon which gave it a neater look. I was very confused on what to do the half moon space, when I saw the freshly bought black rhinestone. I used a nail glue to stick them.

Finally it felt like the nail art is complete. I used Seche Vite to top cat it carefully. I waited for 10-15 minutes for my work to dry before I top coated it.

Use marker pen to design your nail art

Tips on buying a Gel pen to do Nail Art:

  1. Normal Gel pen won’t work since they do not dry for ages. Even after hours when you touch your nails, the gel pen ink will transfer to your fingers like water. If you try to top coat it (even with Seche Vite) the entire design will bleed terribly. I could wash off the entire design by just dipping my hands in water for seconds.

  2. Take a Fibre Tip pen. Metallic tip pen will slip from your nails while drawing, making your job tough.

  3. The pen should be waterproof/permanent marker category so that it doesn’t bleed and smudge when you touch it.

  4. Please try on a false nails and check the drying time of your pen before you top coat it on your nails directly.

  5. There is no need to do a matte top coat to use these pens for designing as opposed to what I had read so many times. If your pen is good (like the Camlin one), you can easily draw on nail polish.

  6. Lastly but importantly try painting on a false nails first and drawing with your pen , so that you tame the flow and behaviour of your pen. You will understand and calculate the amount of force and pressure you need to apply to draw any design so that you don’t mess up your nails.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this nail art or gel pen.


Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

September 07, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Everyone, I am a bit jittery today sharing this nail art with you today. I did an experiment to do this nail art and I am really not sure on how did it turn out. Prima facie it looks pretty but I think it’s not as great on detailed level.

The nail art I am sharing now is the second attempt I made. The first attempt was impressive but I smudged the designs badly. In the second attempt I was tired and somehow the results were not as great.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

I used Models Own Coconut Cream for the base of this nail. It’s an awesome base for all kind of nail art. With my new Nubar “Purple Mania” I did a gradient sponging. I tell what an awesome bright colour it is!! It is like dark neon pink. I forgot to click pictures of the gradient base but trust me it looked pretty.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

Here comes the experiment part, I used something different to do the design the paisley. Yes I did not use a fine brush but used a gel pen to design those paisley. The gel pen was black silver in colour. I guess I should have used plain black gel pen since the silvery glitter make designs look blurry.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

The challenge is that the gel pen I used was easy to work with but the ink would never dry. The second I touch them they would smudge and bleed. I tried using top coat but it was horrible still. The entire design went down with top coat. That’s the reason I had to redo the entire thing.


I will have to look for a different gel pen next time. I loved the flexibility of the pen but the designs can never be kept because it bleeds down like water when touched. I am hunting for a better pen.

Have you guys tried a gel pen for designing? What pen was it? Did you enjoy?


Water Color Nail Art

September 02, 2014 Setu 16 Comments

Hi All, I did my first Water Color Nail Art  finally.Its not that I was procrastinating to try this technique or something but I never had enough motivation to try them. I have never liked them as much to make me try.

Water Color Nail Art

But here I am finally with a Water Color Nail Art. After completing the nail art I was not sure why I hated it so much? They are not as bad :P . Having said that, it doesn't mean by any chance that I have started liking it.

Water Color Nail Art

I used Models Own Coconut Cream as the base. It smells like dream, so yummy. Over them I used some thinned down acrylic paints. I used water to thin them.

Water Color Nail Art

With a flat brush, I tried making random strokes on my nails with different colors. I used a tissue to blot down excess water from nails.

Water Color Nail Art

After the nails dried off, I top coated them with Sally Hansen Disco Ball. They are gorgeous shiny holo-ish glitter top coat.It made the nailart seem prettier to me.

Water Color Nail Art

But I still felt the nails looked somewhat naked. I don't know may be it is the Watercolor effect, but I didn't like it much. So I used Neon studs from Bornprettystore. They are awesome, must must must have!! I use them whenever I get this nudish feeling on my nails and they never let me down.You can buy them at 10% off using my discount code HQBQ10.

[caption id="attachment_4007" align="alignnone" width="535"]Water Color Nail Art Without Studs[/caption]

I used nail glue to stick them. And with neon studs to play, I have come in terms with my nail art and feeling better. How about you guys?