Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

September 07, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Everyone, I am a bit jittery today sharing this nail art with you today. I did an experiment to do this nail art and I am really not sure on how did it turn out. Prima facie it looks pretty but I think it’s not as great on detailed level.

The nail art I am sharing now is the second attempt I made. The first attempt was impressive but I smudged the designs badly. In the second attempt I was tired and somehow the results were not as great.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

I used Models Own Coconut Cream for the base of this nail. It’s an awesome base for all kind of nail art. With my new Nubar “Purple Mania” I did a gradient sponging. I tell what an awesome bright colour it is!! It is like dark neon pink. I forgot to click pictures of the gradient base but trust me it looked pretty.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

Here comes the experiment part, I used something different to do the design the paisley. Yes I did not use a fine brush but used a gel pen to design those paisley. The gel pen was black silver in colour. I guess I should have used plain black gel pen since the silvery glitter make designs look blurry.

Free Hand Paisley Nail Art

The challenge is that the gel pen I used was easy to work with but the ink would never dry. The second I touch them they would smudge and bleed. I tried using top coat but it was horrible still. The entire design went down with top coat. That’s the reason I had to redo the entire thing.


I will have to look for a different gel pen next time. I loved the flexibility of the pen but the designs can never be kept because it bleeds down like water when touched. I am hunting for a better pen.

Have you guys tried a gel pen for designing? What pen was it? Did you enjoy?