Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

September 09, 2014 Setu 13 Comments

Good Morning Sugars!!I re-experimented the technique of Paisley Nail Art that I did with Gel Pen. The merciless smudging of the design I did yesterday had really depressed me from within. My designs were  pretty nice as per me. I was kinna happy with it, but ruthless smudging killed it!! Anyways, I was thinking about it over and over again at work.

After Office I rushed to a stationary shop and took another pen which had fibre tip and was permanent. It was a DVD/CD marker. I did a trial on my nails at my shop and it didn’t wipe off on touching like gel pen. So with lots of hope in heart I bought a black and red pen. I also bought some medium sized rhinestones from the shop in various colors.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

With my newly acquired nail art paraphernalia, I sat down at home to try something out. Also, I had bought Nubar ‘Purple Mania’ few days back. And I am totally awestruck at that polish. The finish and color is amazing.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

I did a one coat base of Wet and Wild 2% Milk on my nails. Then I used circle reinforcements, a sheet of which was gifted by my friend Manisha and painted my exposed nails with Nubar Purple Mania. This is my first attempt at half moon and I am happy with it.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

After the polish was dry I used my Camlin DVD/CD writer to draw leafy filigree kind of design. It was very easy as compared to when I draw with brush. The drawing seemed to be more in control. It was smooth and easy. It is less time taking and messy. I was just sitting in drawing room watching television with a pen in my hand, drawing on my nails :)

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

I feel it is very easy and convenient to use and carry as well. Even when I am travelling or on vacations this is going to come very handy.

With ‘Black Forest’ Tip Top Polish and a striper brush I outlined the half moon which gave it a neater look. I was very confused on what to do the half moon space, when I saw the freshly bought black rhinestone. I used a nail glue to stick them.

Finally it felt like the nail art is complete. I used Seche Vite to top cat it carefully. I waited for 10-15 minutes for my work to dry before I top coated it.

Use marker pen to design your nail art

Tips on buying a Gel pen to do Nail Art:

  1. Normal Gel pen won’t work since they do not dry for ages. Even after hours when you touch your nails, the gel pen ink will transfer to your fingers like water. If you try to top coat it (even with Seche Vite) the entire design will bleed terribly. I could wash off the entire design by just dipping my hands in water for seconds.

  2. Take a Fibre Tip pen. Metallic tip pen will slip from your nails while drawing, making your job tough.

  3. The pen should be waterproof/permanent marker category so that it doesn’t bleed and smudge when you touch it.

  4. Please try on a false nails and check the drying time of your pen before you top coat it on your nails directly.

  5. There is no need to do a matte top coat to use these pens for designing as opposed to what I had read so many times. If your pen is good (like the Camlin one), you can easily draw on nail polish.

  6. Lastly but importantly try painting on a false nails first and drawing with your pen , so that you tame the flow and behaviour of your pen. You will understand and calculate the amount of force and pressure you need to apply to draw any design so that you don’t mess up your nails.

Half Moon Filigree Nail Art with Marker Pen

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this nail art or gel pen.