My Polishes got home and early morning floral nailart!

October 10, 2014 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Friends, I am happy to share this nail art with you today and hope it makes you happy too. I am in high spirit today and the world seems a kind place :P.

I moved my babies (read polishes) to their new home yesterday and now my polishes can finally breathe. My polishes were shoved in boxes and racks all this while. Finally my husband was sweet enough to offer me a full one column of wardrobe for my polishes. He emptied the entire section of four racks for me. I was so thrilled. I moved all my polishes, brushes, accessories etc to their new big home. Now they are spread across for me to see each one of them rather than lying on each other. It is very staisfying to see your baby happy, similar is the feeling I am getting.

polish rack

The only problem is now my polishes are in drawing room instead of bedroom. I was unable to sleep last night thinking if they are fine in the drwaing room. But I don't have an option, my bedrobe obviously is overflowing of our clothes which I definetly cant keep in drawing room cabinet. Another good thing about the move is that ,only few inches away from the cabinet is my dining table which is used more for nail art than for eating :). So it is immensly covinient now. I don't know if I am making sense, but I hope all polish addicts would understand.

[caption id="attachment_4167" align="alignnone" width="385"]My Dussehra Outfit and Polish Rack My Dussehra Outfit and Polish Rack[/caption]

Earlier I used to sort them by brands and put them closed lid boxes, stacking them one over the other. I would never get the visibility of all the polishes. I would just have to calculate what I want and pick it up from respective box. But now I have whole display!!! I don't THINK of what I want, but I LOOK for what I want (Hmmm!! not this one but that one...kinna selection) :)

early morning floral nailart

[caption id="attachment_4168" align="alignnone" width="372"]My Dussehra Outfit and Polish Rack My Dussehra Outfit and Polish Rack[/caption]

Well, since I was so happy and I spent entire last evening yesterday doing this shifting, I couldn't do nail art which I so much wanted to do. And the Glam polish I am wearing is too tempting not do nail art.

early morning floral nailart

So, I got up early morning, did my Yoga and jumped to nail art before going to work. It didnot take long for me to do this nail art. I have been wanting to do this floral kinna tdesign since long. And the Polish wardrobe gave my strenght a boost to do it.

early morning floral nailart

I used acrylic paints to make the leaf, twigs and flowers. Everything seemed so easy beacuse I didnot have to pull stuffs one after the other from boxes.

early morning floral nailart

Also beause I was in good mood, I enjoyed doing this nailart . Also the Glam polish beneath is a stunner.My husband feeded me the breakfast since my polish was wet :P Well its not a news, because he often does that when my polishes are wet at night, but it was the first time for breakfast infront of both my maids who were giggling seeing this :P.

early morning floral nailart

Anyways, I finished my nail art with Seche Vite and rushed to office. This nail art gave me immense pleasure not only because it is pretty but beacuse I sucessfully completed them before office :).It was a huge challenge, you know what a marathon it is eary morining before office. Have you guys also tried doing nail art at wierd times? Please share your experiences.