Fashion Inspired Nail Art

November 01, 2014 Setu 3 Comments

Hi Fellas, I love love love doing inspirational nail arts. They are unique and creatively satisfying. It is such a great feeling to capture a print or pattern from dresses,cushions,vases etc and make them your slave by painting them on your nails.

I have so many inspirations lying around in my house which I truely intend to get on my nails but I succeed on occasions only.

Fashion Inspired Nail ARt

Me and my sis went some girly shopping a couple of weeks back.And we both bought shorts with sweet pretty prints. Oh ! I cant tell you about the collection- peppy, colorful and girly :).Needless to say, we did pick up some of them.I am very fond of my night dresses. I like my night dress to be fresh, clean and pretty :). Through the entire day we are in our formals for office, on weekends we dress for movies/lunch/dinners , when we go to friends/relatives we get ready for them etc. But at night when you are at your home, you simply dress for yourself :). That is why I like my night dresses to speak what I like :)

Fashion Inspired Nail ARt

So, out of the shorts we bought this one has cute and simple prints. The moment I saw it I wanted it on my nails. I have other one which in pink and has cute owls on it. I am planning to get them on my nails too :).

Fashion Inspired Nail ARt

I had an exact same nail polish to match the color of my shorts. I mean exact same, not similar!!! This motivated me all the more.

Fashion Inspired Nail ARt

I used Models Own 'Cornflower Gleam' as the base color. Using white acrylic paints and dotting tools I made clouds. And then using the Camlin Gel pen I described in this post I oulined the clouds. They looked prettier after outlining.

Fashion Inspired Nail ARt

But this time while top coating some some of the gel pen borders bleeded. I don't know what I did wrong, may be they didn't dry enough.So I had to spend a lot of time doing damage control and repair work.

Inspired By Fashion Nail Art.

Anyways, I hope one cannot make out by seeing the nail art that there was a disaster before.I am totally satisfied and happy with the nail art and how well it matched my shorts. What do you think guys? Am I on the mark?