DIY Stamping Decal Nail Art and Tutorial

March 01, 2015 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Friends, I enjoyed a two weeks break from work and now I have office from tomorrow. It is tearing my heart apart that my party is about to end  :-x . But this is not a ranting post, instead I am sharing a lovely mani that I had been intending to do for a very long time. I have done quite a Stamping Decal in past but never made a tutorial for it.

Also I have million ideas for decals, I so love them. But the design chosen today is inspired by Natalie @Heartnat24. This was the first video tutorial I saw for Stamping Decal on Stamper and it blew my mind. Earlier I used to make decal on cellophane and it was hell lot of a job. But the one of stamper itself eased the process. I have never been a fan of stamping and gradually I befriended it and Stamping Decal was a big cherry on cake.

DIY Stamping Decal Nail Art and Tutorial

Anyways, for this nail art I used Moyou London Pro Collection Stamping Plate No 7. The gorgeous purple is Models Own Hypergel Purple Gleam and on my accent I am wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. For stamping I used Sinful Color BlackOut.

DIY Stamping Decal Nail Art and Tutorial

I prefer a hard stamper like Konad for making decal and the image transfers crisp. I find the images bolder, the only issue is transferring them on nails but I did not have to worry about that since I was making decals anyways.

DIY Stamping Decal Nail Art and Tutorial

Although I have made a pictorial to best explain 'How to make Stamping Decal' below but I am going to repeat the same in words too.Please read it in relation to the picture ex- First Image on Top Right relates to Point 1 and so on.

[caption id="attachment_4811" align="alignnone" width="600"]How to make a Stamping Decal How to make a Stamping Decal[/caption]

1. Pick up an image you want to use for Decal. Make sure there are enough open spaces for you to fill colors in.

2. Use Nail Polish/Acrylic paint to fill in the color in the open spaces. Do no worry much if run on the border black because it will be over black hence would not be visible. But take care not to run out of borders.

3. After the polish/acrylic paint is dry use a clear polish to coat the design and leave it to dry.

4. Wait till the clear polish/Top Coat is completely dry on stamper so much so that it will peel off like a sticker from the stamper. You could use a tweezers or toothpick to loosen the edges for peeling.

5. After you have peeled off carefully place on the nails in desired position, press it gently. Make sure there are no bubbles trapped in between.

6. When you are sure of the placement an layout, seal it with a Top Coat. And you have a pretty mani just like that!!! :razz:

DIY Stamping Decal Nail Art and Tutorial

How do find it? Easy or difficult? I know its not a cake walk but the results are worth it. What do you think about my nail art?Please leave your comments and questions below.


  1. Gorgeous mani. I love that purple on you. Nice tutorial

  2. these are beautiful, I think I really must be brave and give decals a try!!!