Lakme Hair is Fashion Giveaway Winner and Styling Colored Hair

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Hello Beauties, How are you doing? I am as happy and chirpy in my new look from Lakme. Really, this is the best thing that ever happened to my hair. Anyways, today it is not about me but about you. I got great replies to the question : Why do you think Hair is Fashion? It was difficult pick one best answer.

Lakme Hair Makeover winner


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But here is the answer that Won the Giveaway :

"Hair has been a fashion element since centuries. Remember old story books showing queen's with cake like hair buns? Lol. Be it hair dos, or hair jewelry, hair fashion has been very important style statement. Current hair fashion trend may have changed but its still popular and important fashion element. These days there are lot of options of hair cut styles, getting hair colored, rebounding, straightening, hair extension and many more. Just the right style of hair cut can make you look 10 years younger. For e.g. From the Lakme Show stopping make over styles, I liked 'Illusion' most. It makes one look even more younger. So definitely, Hair is fashion statement."

The above entry is from Alpana Ladwani and has been picked up from her entry at Instagram.Congratulations Alpana, Lakme will be getting in touch with you soon to hand over the vouchers you are now entitled to.Lakme Hair Makeover Voucher winner

However, I could just announce the winner without mentioning some of the entries that really made it difficult to pick the winner.

Neha Shah: Hair is an integral part of woman’s personality and speaks volumes about her. A woman can transform her persona and look completely bold and edgy if she wants to or change her style and look elegant or soft or sexyy.. Hair is fashion.. not just fashion but your personal fashion that defines YOU!!

Manisha Katira : Just like you; I share a connection with Lakme Salon. I got my bridal make up done from them and so did my Bhabhi on my recommendation.
Hair is one of the most important part of body and everyone wants to accessorize and personalize it according to their comfort and preference. Be it funky hair jewelry, neon hair clips, bands, beads, haircut, hair color; both men and women want to stay trendy. Just like how we dress for the occasion; we style our hair for the occasion. It’s all about making an impact not just with apt dressing but with apt hair styling too and that is why hair is fashion.

So Girls, hair is important because at the end of the day, I do not wish to wear a low cut blouse.LOL!


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While I was reading all the entries it got me thinking what is my hair style or how would I style my hair. It took me no time to realize that I am like any ordinary girl who needs a hair dressers appointment for any occasional hairdo. I am totally on my knees for any good hairstyle, its means a lot to complete a look but at the same time I am incapable of designing one on my own .

Bad Hair Cuts make me angry


Which means I should be confident of the hair dresser when he/she has a pair of scissor on him, because that is the look I am gonna carry. It is of empirical importance that I am absolutely comfortable with the hair (cut or color) I have without having to rush to parlour to get hair done for every occasion.Trust me I just need something classy  which looks stylish on its own (Hard to find, right?). This is exactly what Lakme gave me. I just love to leave my hair open every where be it work, evenings, parties or weddings. I enjoy setting them free, like in the picture below.

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignnone" width="338"]Lakme Showstopping Collection - My Experience No Setting, no blow dry- Just Naturally Raw Dried Hair! Don't I Look Happy?[/caption]

This is my style for every where. And with my new cut and color at Lakme , I feel extremely confident of carrying them plain simple open, just anywhere and everywhere.

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