Lead Light Technique Nail Art

April 11, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Sugars, let me begin by saying it took huge effort to put this nail art together, in every way. I so wanted to do a Leadlight technique nails. I didn't own any sheer tints . The amount of gorgeous LeadLight Nails on net increased everyday making me feel more miserable. So I decided to pull up my socks and make some. And this is how I put them to use.

LeadLight Light TechniqueNail Art

I went pillar to pole finding out printer ink or stamp ink to make sheer tints. I had read somewhere on net that they can be used. Inspite of lot of legwork, I couldn't get it. All I could get was a Camlin Blue (more like purple which we use for stamping pad to stamp legal documents). One day while I went out to have some juice near my office, I saw a very small shop that sells printer cartridge. So I gulped my juice and walked in a running like speed to the shop.

LeadLight Light TechniqueNail Art

I saw that he also sold printer inks and I was so happy. But they were only available in packs of 1 litre. What would I do with so much ink? I can atleast make 15 liters of sheer tints with them.Upon a lot of requesting and persuasion (read puppy face) he agreed to give us few drops if we get our bottles. But he made it mandatory for me to answer what I wanted to do with them. I was literally stammering when I said I wanted to make polish out it. He was stone faced but didn't say a word to humiliate me further.

LeadLight Light TechniqueNail Art

Now my next challenge was to find small bottles that didn't leak, anyways I am going to details from where I got those bottles. I am just going to say it was a tough journey and finally I made my sheer tints.

LeadLight Light TechniqueNail Art

For this nail art I used Sally Hansen White On as a base. Its my favorite white.I used Konad Special Black to stamp the design. And the stamping plate is from BornPrettyStore. Have you checked their stamping plates lately? My god, they are a rage these days. Extremely pretty designs, very upto market, great collection and most importantly good etching.However, I wish they were priced a little lower.

BornPretty Store Stamping Plate

I got these plates for review and I am so glad to add them to my collection. All the designs on the plate are so pretty and usable. I feel this design and designs on other plates are very apt for leadlight. There are two most impressive things about these plates : Design and Etching. They are like heart and soul of a plate and BPS nailed it.

[caption id="attachment_4910" align="alignnone" width="458"]Canvas for my LeadLight Nail Art Canvas for my LeadLight Nail Art[/caption]

I am  happy with the plates that I have reviewed so far. This is my first time with BPS plates and they are impressive without a doubt. You can buy these plates here for $2.99. Also as usual you can use my discount code HQBQ10 to avail 10% discount sitewide.

LeadLight Light TechniqueNail Art

What do you girls say, how is it? I definitely find them pretty and gorgeous but deep down I feel the finishing could have been better. I know where I erred this time, and I am sure my next one is going to be better.