My LookUp Story

April 02, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Friends, How are you doing? I hope well. The blog post today is not about nail art or Beauty but about a personal experience.

We all often feel that ‘we are the only one’ who are tortured by destiny or chosen for patience test or just not have enough to live a normal life. Yes, at every low of my life I have always felt like ‘Am I the only one?’ or rather ‘Why am I the only one?’ At these junctures of life, I felt life has come to a standstill and it will never start normal again. Quite frankly, I was not even bothered if it starts again because I felt – ‘There is nothing Left’.

But when you analyse – It is not the problems or anxieties that depress you to this extent, it the ‘Lack of Hope’ that does. It is the feeling of ‘Hopelessness’ that drives us mad and takes away the view of ‘Life Ahead’.

But I also clearly remember my Life never ‘Stood Still’ actually even though I was sure it will. I think this is the same with everyone. We think ‘This is it’, ‘My Life has halted’ yet, this never comes out to be true. Which makes to think that there is something, which helps us to get up from the situation we assumed had paralysed us. There is something which gives us a natural push to carry on with life as if nothing happened. There is something which fills some magical fuel in us that propels us forgetting out past failure and ironically preparing us to handle new ‘failures’.

What is it? Is it a magic? Is it that we found a solution to our problems? Is it something supernatural? Did the situation actually change? Well, in most the cases nothing has changed, we are in the same rotten situation like we were. It is a four letter word – ‘HOPE’ that does the magic. ‘A shield called- Hope’ that things will be better, hope that there will be a solution, hope that you have enough courage to face the situation, hope that makes you jump into Life again.

We all have some people in our life who are the source of this magical potion –‘Hope’. And do not tell me, Ohh! But I am not lucky enough, and I don’t have anyone. If you say so, I would say you have not looked enough. Please take a look around , you will find someone to #lookup to. Well, I have been lucky enough to have handful of people who have been oozing out this magic potion –‘Hope’ in my life.

One of such source in my life is my Grand Father (my nana). I was extremely close to him and he has been my inspiration always. He would teach us, play with us, learn from us and shower endless love whenever we met. He was very strict disciplinarian. Everything had a time, and there should be time for everything. He was extremely independent, never took any help or favour from anyone. I would say he was fine gentleman with strong will power. He was a champion of badminton, tennis and carom.

January, 1995 when he 64 years old, he got a severe attack of paralysis and brain haemorrhage. He was hospitalised immediately, and doctor said the chances of survival are very low and even if he survives either be in Coma or suffer acute mental sickness. But he came back to his senses in few hours. He tried hard to speak and complain that food was not good in hospital but he couldn’t. He was paralysed on left and doctor said he may not be able to carry any daily activity or walk or speak in future.

But my Grandpa- my hero due to his strong will power and determination proved every prediction of doctor wrong. At the age of 64 with severe paralysis he got up gradually and started walking. He spoke full sentences and narrated stories. He even fought and argues his heart out with us. I always felt hopeful when I saw him. In spite of all the sickness and paralysis at the age of 64 if he could start a new life with new vigour to tame his illness, why can’t we? Life often starts where we think it finishes. He performed all the daily activities on his own, without troubling anyone. He even used to rub me a balm and message my foot when I was tired with his right hand. He used to say, I still have half my body with me.

No, he never spoke the way he spoke earlier; he never walked the way he used to earlier, but he lived in pride. He laughed, cried, limped, his speech was never as clear but we managed to understand and he never gave up. In November 2008 he passed away suddenly. And even the previous night he did all his work on his own. He lived his life paralysed for 14 years. I would given up such a life in 14 days out of despair but he lived gladly.

I always have been and will #lookup to him for hope, life and courage. I remember him and his courage most of the times when I am stuck and it gives me hope and strength. It gives me hope and optimisum. He is a legend for me and I have so many stories to tell about this great man- My Nana. If you can relate to my story in some way, I am sure you will also relate to They also belive and salute the same spirit of optimist that fills us with hope for future. So cheers to this never endening and never fading magic of Hope and optimist that everyone should #lookup to.