My Latest Makeup Haul and Experience with VoucherCloud

May 07, 2015 Setu 4 Comments

Hello Friends, How have you been? By now you must have known if I have any spare money I just splurge into polishes. Even if I do not have additional money, I splurge into polishes.LOL. But this time I did a makeup haul. I wanted to do this for long, experiment in some makeup products. I love dressing up, dolling up and getting ready. But I am not very experimental with makeup like I am with nails. Reason is ofcourse my confidence in trying out experimental makeup plus I guess the cost of makeup products these days.

So basically, if you just want to try out something like that with a fair chance of rejection later, the cost would pinch your pocket. I definitely wanted to buy some makeup before my big 11 days vacation to Malaysia. So I was into browsing sites, but with so many sites and clutter I lost interest.Anyways, few days back I happened to come across I don’t know if there are any portals on this model but this is what they say about themselves:

Vouchercloud is here to help you make big savings on big brands. We make it our mission to find you coupons and coupon codes for all your shopping needs. Whether you’re buying electrical items, or simply want a new outfit, we’ve got it covered. So let us help stretch your budget further with the hottest offers updated every day. To find your coupon simply search for your favourite brands, or browse across our categories where you could find something new. We have fashion coupons, home and garden coupons, electronics coupons, food and drink coupons, plus many more for you to choose from.

Voucher Cloud

So I browsed their site with low expectations, but the left me impressed. They provide you a neat and crisp list of offers from all around the shopping/services portal world (which is huge world to get lost). It is so difficult to keep a tab of what site is having which offer, what is code to be used, what is expiry of those deals, offers are on which brand etc. VoucherCloud collates all this information and presents it to you in meaningful and useful way. But this was not enough for me to get sold. I like it; thought of using it but then missed it. One day while browsing my Google Play store I saw they have an app too. I immediately downloaded it and browsed it instantly. I was definitely sold now. They have such a neat and uncluttered layout that you will feel seamless to browse.

My Latest Makeup Haul and Experience with VoucherCloud

Within no time, I hit some cool deals on I was very thrilled and I definitely wanted to experiment on makeup now because they were on a discount. Who doesn’t love discount? I was bowled when I saw Revlon has flat 20% off. I definitely was eyeing on some lippies from them but the price was on a higher side for experimenting. But with 20% it seemed reasonable.

My Latest Makeup Haul and Experience with VoucherCloudNot only that, while on the same page of VoucherCloud, I could see more deals from There was Flat 15% off on Matrix Biolage products. It took me no time to land to portal and place my first order within half an hour. I was so glad I saved 20% on my 3 lippies and 15% on my hair products with free home delivery. With that I got few Faces Canada Products for me too. I got Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain Lip Gloss Shanghai Sizzle (Mrp Rs 725,after Discount Rs 580), Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain Lip Gloss  India Intrigue (Mrp Rs 725,after Discount Rs 580), Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm- Shameless (Mrp Rs 890 , After Discount Rs 712), Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo(  Mrp Rs 205, After Discount Rs 175) ,Faces Eye Pencil Solid Black(Rs 449)  and Faces Eye Shadow- Stackable Wild(Rs 699).

My Latest Makeup Haul and Experience with VoucherCloud

The best thing about this haul was I could experiment on makeup with lesser guilt due to my discount. I am saying this point blank, had I not seen these deals I would have never ordered those things. Yes, I would have still ordered the hair products even though at a higher price but definitely not Revlon lippes. I would love to flaunt lipsticks but, I feel extremely conscious thinking they don’t suit me. I go for extremely safe bets in lippies.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm- Shameless

But with this haul I could not be happier with the Revlon Lippies .I was so content with them; I could not have got a better lippe at a better deal. I am enclosing my pic wearing the most experimental and unsure order of the lot, Revlon Matte Lip Balm- Shameless. You tell me if it is suiting me or not? They were for Rs 890 but I got them for Rs 712. I just can’t wait for another deal/discount to get some more of these. I will be browsing because I know I won’t miss any deal there.


  1. Awesome u look ... Great piece of info ... Would use this for sure

  2. Nice haul Setu. You carry this lippie so well.
    This seems to be a cool site, will check it out.

  3. Aww thanks so much manisha..I m really lame in wearing lippes but I cant tell you how perfect I feel when I wear this. Thanks to 20% off that made me indulge in this.

  4. Thanks a lot Sneha, heard from you after long. How have u been? This is a useful website, I have downloaded the app :P