Diagonal Chevron Nails

June 09, 2015 Setu 2 Comments

Hi Girls, I want to share one of my quickest mani in terms of conceiving the idea and implementing with very limited resources. Btw, Did I tell you my younger sister is getting married? No, I missed guess. We had been to her engagement last month. It was all done very quickly so it was all last minute flight and sloppy packing.

Diagonal Chevron Nails

And the evening prior to her engagement there were guests to surprise us and I had to get ready before they came. Now, I had just removed my beautiful mani and was running around the house nude nails; planning the mani for engagement next morning for me and my sis.I definitely did not want to go nude nails infront of them because these people were meeting me for the first time and I wanted to make nail impression.

Diagonal Chevron Nails

I just pulled out an off white and black dress and started wondering what possibly I could do on my nails. As a good practice I always carry Off white nail polish with me wherever I go. There is so much you could do with them.

fishnet pattern nail art
But I did not want to do same thing on all nails. I wanted some punch. I decided to use BPS Stamping Plate No BPL003 . This is a plate in my collection which has all designs that can be used, so rare na? Every pattern on this plate are worth trying so I don’t miss carrying it when in doubt. I was provided this by http://Bornprettystore.com for review. You can buy it here and also get a 10% off sitewide on using coupon code HQBQ10.

BPS Stamping Plate BPL03

I wasn’t carrying black nail polish unfortunately so didn’t know what to do except stamping on Off White with black. I did not want all nails to be same, so in my moment of despair I used Black Konad Stamping polish on my accent.  It was like opaque in one coat. But gave the necessary punch and contrast I wanted. What do you guys feel? Like my quick mani?


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