Holograhic Mermaid Nails

August 01, 2015 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Girls and Hello Holo!! I am so excited that the ColorClub Holo Set 2013 is finally with me. I cannot tell you possibly how long I have been browsing it, viewing it and saving it in my wishlist.  And today I finally have them in my possession. What a Relief!

Holograhic Mermaid Nails

I got hitched to a holo on a cloudy morning because my day started with Youtube accidently, where I happened to just watch a Naillogical nail art video. What do you expect?? Of course, an immediate magnetic attraction towards holo and glitters. She was using some vinyls for her nail art which got me motivated inspite of my more than average failures with Vinyls.

Holograhic Mermaid Nails

I did this nail art to try out a Vinyl of Mermaid style. I have always imagined a mermaid’s scale or a fish scale as something very shiny and mesmerising. That is what I have tried to bring out in this nail art. I used Color Club Beyond as the base. It is a gorgeous grey black holographic polish that I am in love with. On Color Club Beyond I applied Seche Vite Top coat in the morning before I went out for shopping.

Holograhic Mermaid Nails 1

In the evening, I tried out the Vinyls which is never ever my forte. I layed some Vinyls on my nails and then sponged them carefully with ColorClub Holographic Cosmic Fate. It’s a gorgeous peachy orange holo polish. Then I carefully peeled off vinyls, gave touch ups where ever required and finally finished with Seche Vite. What do you girls think?



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