Independence Day Nail Art

August 15, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, Today I proudly present my Independence Day Nail Art. I am not proud of my nail art but my country and our struggle to Independence. I most humbly, present my nail art today trying to showcase my countries struggle to Independence. I would request you to go through my post and be a part of this.

Independence Day Nail Art

We were called the ‘Bird of Gold’ and we were thriving and flourishing as a prosperous Country till Britishers caged us and ruled over use for 200 years. We were enslaved and subject to a lot of atrocities and humiliation. This is what I have shown on my thumb and Index.

Independence Day Nail Art

We had some great leaders who put freedom ahead of their life. We saw a lot of bloodshed, brutalities and massacres. After 200 years of consistent fight and struggle, we finally won Independence in year 1947, 15th August. My Pointer and Ring Finger narrate the same in the simplest way possible.

Independence Day Nail Art
After 15th August, 1947; we came out as winners and finally got our country back, its glory and freedom back. We now breathe freely on our motherland India. This is what my Pinky is trying to tell.

Independence Day Nail Art

Details of Nail Art

Thumb : Base is Color Club Look Don’t Tusk, Stamping birds from Cheeky Home Sweet Home, Filled colours in bird with Leadlight Technique

Pointer: Base is Color Club Look Don’t Tusk, Grey background with Fan Brush and Sally Hansen Wet Cement ,Caged Bird Decal Made out of from Cheeky Home Sweet Home and some freehand with Red Acrylic Paint)

Index: Base is Wet and Wild Black Out and Blood Splashes with Tooth Brush and Red Acrylic paint. The ‘fight’ written is from UberChic 03-01 which I made bold with acrylic paint and 1947 written is freehand again.

Ring Finger: Base is Color Club Look Don’t Tusk and stamping image of rainbow in tricolour from UberChic 03-03.

Pinky : Base is Color Club Look Don’t Tusk ,lightly sponged Barry M Sky Blue for sky effect, Made a decal out of Moyou London Tropical plate 06.