NewU Polish Swaches and Review - Grape Fruit, Maroon Shine, Carmine Pink and Black Glitter

August 27, 2015 Setu 3 Comments

Hi Girls, Today I am Reviewing and Swatching a relatively new entrant in Nail Polish Market of India. Recently, it has made a lot of buzz due to its grand launch both online and offline. NewU is operated by H & B Stores Ltd that is a 100% subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd, which is the fourth largest FMCG company in India. They have both online and offline stores and sell multi brand products.They have an in house polish brand NewU. Now, I have not seen any recent Nail Polish Brand Launch with such explicit range of colours. Last big launch was Maybelline ColorShow which had only 40 colours. I am not sure on number of colours NewU has but they are plenty. They have polishes in different range: Everyday Chemistry (Rs 55), Party Poppers (Rs 75), Gliterrati (Rs 75), Mirror Mettalic(Rs 75) etc. Prices vary as per Collection but let me tell you they are very nominally priced.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review - Grape Fruit, Maroon Shine, Carmine Pink and Black Glitter

These 4 polishes were provided to me by NewU for review -  Carmine Pink, Grape Fruit, Maroon Shine (From their Party Poppers range-  for Rs 75 ) and Steel Glaze From Glitterati Range (Priced at Rs 75 )

Carmine Pink (Party Poppers): The colour in not pink, it is a warm coral Colour with Orange undertone. If I can say it is a very sweet colour, it reminds me of blossoms. The formula of the polish seems Jelly to me.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Carmine PinkThe polish is non streaky and glossy. I am very pleased with the polish and it makes my hands look so girly and delicate. The drying time is fairly fast.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Carmine PinkMaroon Shine (Party Poppers) : Next up is Maroon Shine. Now this is also not Maroon even remotely. It is a beautiful lavender colour. I am not a lavender/purple person for some reason. So I applied this with minimalist expectation. But it looked wow.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Maroon ShineThe formula again is superb. It is non streaky and jelly type. It does look glossy and gives a soft look. It looks more floral to me than Party Popper. Irrespective, the colour is lovely and drying time is again fairly fast.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Maroon ShineGrape Fruit (Party Poppers): This polish may be a little true to its name in terms of color. It is a lovely sweet bright pink colour. Again; not neon in any way but very lively. All the above 3 Party Poppers remind me beautiful flower petals. It makes me think of a bright floral range.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Grape FruitIt is a warm floral pink color, bit dusty but bright. The formula of the polish is great and the shine is also lovely.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Grape Fruit 1
Steel Glaze (Glitterati): This one  is from their Gliterrati range. The base of the polish looked clear but it is slightly greyish. I was expecting this to be another Run of the mill glitter topper with silver hexes. But when I applied this polish it does have Silver Hexes but has matte black ones as well.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Steel GlazeI wasn’t expecting this. It kind of makes the polish looks a bit different from other glitter toppers. The black matte glitter is a wise combination if you ask me. The base of the polish is Grape Fruit from NewU itself. I love the effect and simplicity of the nail art. It is a very easy way to pop your nail colour.

NewU Polish Swaches and Review Steel Glaze

Overall, I am very pleased with the collection. At Rs 55 – Rs 75 range polish, the formula and choice of the colours is really impressive. NewU did a wise thing separating as per collections (which Indian Brands often forget), as people can know what they expect from which range. Although I am not particularly fond of bottle shape, the brush is good and application is effortless. At this price range and variety of colours, these polishes are a steal. However, if I had to make one suggestion to the brand it would be not to keep misguiding names of the polish. Buyers should know how they expect the polish to look like. These days a lot of purchases are done online and we don’t see the actual colour/trials. Hence it becomes even more imperative for brands to follow intelligent names. All in all, I give 5 star to these polishes.



  1. All the colors are gorgeous. I recently bought polishes from this range too and in love with them.

  2. Thankks Manisha..dey r impressive aren't dey?

  3. Yes they are and are very affordable too