Summer Floral Nails in Blue and Yellow

August 20, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

You know sometimes even elaborate mani which took ages to do doesn't give an inch of happiness, while a quick so-so mani you barely could manage a perfect picture makes your day. I don't know what the elaborate difficult mani lacks at times which these quick not so perfect ones seem to have, giving us a smile. I think it's just our expectation which makes biased judgments!!


Today is about one of such quick not so perfect mani. I really can't tell you how I struggled to do it. I was so getting late and still wanted a mani on my nails. I was almost prepared for a nail fail with the kind of speed and half heart effort I was doing my nails.

Summer Floral Nails in Blue and Yellow


But I guess God was merciful and I did not have to hide my face in embarrassment (read nails). These are not great but good enough for the day. I used Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini and Wet Suit for base. They are from their Sea Shore Limited Edition Collection. On them I used some direct transfer decals that I got from Malaysia. On my pointer and pinky I used yellow dried flowers.

Summer Floral Nails in Blue and Yellow

They do not finish up perfectly on nails but decent for a quick mani.What do you say? It may not be prettiest but bright and floral nails are always in.