Tri-Colour Nail Art for Independence Day

August 14, 2015 Setu 4 Comments

Hello Girls, Today is one the very rare occasions when I am not only done with the Independence day mani last week but also did a second mani on the same theme today. I had closed the Iday mani last week, but today being pre- Independence Day I felt like wrapping around some tricolours.

Tri-Colour Nail Art for Independence Day

I was not at all in mood to a second I-Day mani but since I was changing my nail art yesterday, I thought why not get something Tri-Color to match the occasion.

Tri-Colour Nail Art for Independence Day

I did a lot of thinking through the day and decided I wanted to do a leadlight technique and matte look. So I applied White Base on my Index and Ring finger. I stamped this image using Bornpretty Store Stamping Plate BPL003. It is one of the most used plates in my stash. I have literally never used any plate as much as this. It has all usable designs. You can buy this plate here and also get a 10% discount sitewide by using coupon code HQBQ10.

BornPretty Store Plate L003

I did a Green, Orange and Blue on subsequent nails. It looked kind of blank to me but. So I did tiny polka dot stamping using UberChic plate 03-02. On the stamped image I filled in tri-colour using leadlight technique. And then did dots of white and blue to finish the look. I think the dots gave centre and definition to my pattern. I applied a Wet and Wild Matte top coat on this. The turnout may not be as crisp as I thought it to be but I am definitely happy with it. I am loving the Tri-Color on my nails today. What do you say?