Colourful Rainy Nails

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Hi Girls, I am sharing a nail art today that I would rather not want to share. I had such a brilliant plan in my mind about Rainy Day Nail Art but it shattered the moment my ideas encountered reality. It happens so many times to all of us.

Colourful Rainy Nails

I had envisaged a black matte base and rain drops of glossy polish on pointed and pinky. Rest of the nails would have white stamped umbrella which I would leadlight.It looked so pretty in my head. But the raindrops just refused to look like rains. The glossy clear polish fell like ugly blobs on my matte black.

Colourful Rainy Nails

So after redoing the thing for 3 times, I decided to stamp some drops instead. I tried that with glossy clear polish again but impact was negligible. So after 4 unsuccessful attempts I stamped with colourful Mundo De Unas polishes (Mexican Pink and Yellow) for colourful raindrops.

Colourful Rainy Nails

The base polish is Tip Top Black Forest, stamping image of Umbrella from Born pretty Store Plate BPL22 and raindrops from UberChic Set 03. As intended I lead lighted each umbrella with different colours. I was so happy when I looked at the Umbrella image in stamping plate but the sloppy execution messed it.

Colourful Rainy Nails

I bought the set of 5 BPS Large plates during their sale and I am so proud of myself. The plate set is from BP 21 to BP25. You can the Born Pretty Stamping Plate Set I used here and do not forget to use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% sitewide.


Minty Floral Nails

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Hi Girls, although it’s no spring but I am all floral these days. They make me feel so happy and awake. Really there is nothing like the view of blossoms.

Minty Floral Nails The base polish is a Satin Mint Polish – Mean Dean from Stay Quirky reviewed here. I am not particularly fond of this polish. I find Satin Polishes very general and run of the mill. But since the colour was very fresh and minty, it could make an exception.

Minty Floral Nails I decided 2 things; firstly to do a nail art overpowers the base. And secondly, matte finish to my nail art because this satin pearl finish was killing me.

Minty Floral Nails

I did freehand floral and blossoms with Pure Color Bruch 10 and Acrylic Paint from Born Pretty Store that they sent too me for review. You can buy this portable set of 12 acrylic paints here. Don’t forget to use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off sitewide.

Minty Floral Nails

After finishing my flowers, I mattified the nail art as intended. I am kind of happy with the result. Especially with the fact that the base looked so much better now. What do you think?


Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

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Today’s nail art is one which re-iterates on the merits of improvising and impulsiveness. Usually a thought through plan and neat execution is bound to fetch you a perfect end result. But moments like this simply make you feel lucky because the only ingredient you put is impulsiveness and yet the results are pleasant. I was feeling very lazy with little time when I did this.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping PolishI had just done clicking my ‘I am Bored Nails’ and was about to remove the mani when I realised that I has only used up my ring finger and middle finger for design. Rest of the three fingers were just plain blue. So I decided to recycle the mani by just removing the polish work on 2 nails and painting them blue again. The blue base is sweet dusty blue from Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sea Shore Collection called the ‘Wet Suit’.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

I just had one thing sure in my mind that I wanted to use Born Pretty Store’s new range of stamping polish from Ya Qin An. I am really impressed with the numerous option of stamping polish that BPS is stocking under this brand. I was sent #22 for review. It is dusty rose pink in colour and stamps of black. The quantity of stamping polish is 18ml. Woah!! That’s huge and more than any stamping polish brand is offering. You can buy it here and get a 10% sitewide discount on using my coupon code HQBQ10. They offer free shipping too.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

Just when I picked up this 18ml amazing stamping polish in my hand, I laid my eyes on my newly acquired stamping plate from Nail Matinee which is a start up brand in India making their own Stamping Plates and Polishes. My favourite stamping plate being NM04 which is what I am using here. I love this pattern – webbed and lacy with flowers in between. I decided to stamp on all nails, as in no concept of accent or anything. But I guess god’s wish was something else. So I ended up spoiling my middle finger while stamping and this happened  twice.

[caption id="attachment_5841" align="alignnone" width="529"]Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish without Dry Flower Without the Dry Flower[/caption]

I was so sick of removing it second time that I just slathered up a layer of this stamping polish as accent and it looked good too. This was an accidental accent because I did not have energy for removing blue, applying base coat, then blue base, allow it to dry and then stamp the second time. I finished my mani with pearl finish rhinestones and went to click pictures. But it looked so bland and incomplete!!  I left my set up the way it was, rushed to my nail cupboard, pulled out a blue dried flower and stuck it on my middle finger. I cannot tell you how complete and coherent it looked now.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping PolishI clicked pictures and slept peacefully. No wait, wrong, I did another nail art. Yes, that was one of my most productive days when I was able to complete 5 successful manis back to back out of which 2 were freehand and 3 stamping. I really wish to have few more fruitful and lucky days of this sort, all my pending nail arts and swatches will be sorted. LOL. Anyways, how did you find the nail art? It was all impulsive and improvised, yet I am impressed with all the accidents that lead to this. What do you say? Do share if you have similar stories of beautiful accidents.


Vampy Roses Nailart

September 23, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

I was thinking of doing some pink roses on my nails and I was surprised that instead of looking soft and sweet, it ended up looking vampy. Hence I named it Vampy Roses. It is really shocking how different your nail art looks in your mind and your nails. LOL. It’s every nail artist’s story.

Vampy Rose Nails
Look for yourself and tell me whether it is sweet pink roses or vampy roses? The base is Stay Quirky 897 No Rules from Polish Dry Line. I have reviewed it here. It is textured mauvish rose pink glitter gritty polish.

Vampy Rose Nails
The roses are stamped from Moyou London Pro Collection Stamping Plate and stamping polish is Konad Black. I think the fact that I used black polish and the image I chose for stamping shows more of stamping polish makes the polish look less of pink and more of wine colour. But I am fine with it. It’s good to see something different, isn’t it?


Ganesh Chaturthi Nails

September 21, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

Hello Girls, I am very happy with the nail art I am sharing today. I did them with a lot of devotion and effort. It is for the auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesha Chaturthi is the Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the god Ganesha, who has an elephant-head.

Ganesh Chaturthi Nails

A Little history for my readers : A traditional legend about Ganesha's birth is that Parvati, Shiva's wife, created Ganesha out of mala (dirt) off her body while having a bath and breathed life into the figure.She then set him the task of guarding her door while she bathed. Shiva, who had gone out, returned and as Ganesha didn't know him, didn't allow him to enter. After the combat between Ganesha and Shiva Ganas, finally angry Shiva severed the head of the child. Parvati seeing this became enraged and Shiva then promised that her son will be alive again. The devas searched for the head of a dead person facing North, but they found only the head of an elephant. They brought the head of the elephant and Shiva fixed it on the child's body and brought him back to life. Lord Shiva also declared that from this day the boy would be called Ganesha (Gana Isha : Lord of Ganas).

Ganesh Chaturthi Nails

Yellow and Red are considered very auspicious for Hindus and we use them for all our Pujas. So one thing was clear in my head- I wanted a red and Yellow. Since I wanted a real traditional feel, I did not go for usual yellow. The typical yellow used is an Orche Yellow or Mustard yellow.

Ganesh Chaturthi Nails

So I set aside my safe yellows and picked up Barry M Mustard. I was so correct. It looked so real. I did a gradient with Essence Redvolution and then stamped with Nail Matinee NM 03.

Ganesh Chaturthi Nails

It looked just what I wanted it to look like, Traditional and festive. On my accent and middle nail I did a top coat of Jordana Bronze Glitter for the look of richness. Then with NM01 I made a decal of Lord Ganesha and stamped Swastik with NM Red Stamping polish.It took a lot of effort and trials to get what was in my head on my nails. I am pleased with them. What do you girls say? Doesn’t it look so pious and auspicious?










I am Bored Nails

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This post is about one of the odd nail arts that I know did not come out as neat and still I find it cute. I hate clumsy work but this one I will just accept for its cuteness. And also for simple reason that it was screaming out my mind!! I was feeling terribly bored!

I am Bored NailsI saw this nail art on IG in Ane_Li’s account; I was so amazed to see this. These are cute, pretty and simple. I knew I had to try it someday. She is a genius, so my work is no way parallel to her. But it’s an attempt.

I am Bored Nails

The base of the polish is Sally Hansen Wet Suit from their Limited Edition Sea Shore Collection. I love that collection and each polish of it. I have drawn everything with nail polish as opposed to acrylic paints which would have been so much easy. Don’t know why but I am beginning to like Nail polishes too for freehand. It’s far more difficult, but I am learning.

I am Bored Nails

The black outlining and message is with BPS Nail Art Fountain pen which I have previously used here. This time I got the black ink also from BPS. They seem convenient for outlining, borders, doodles etc. You just dip the nib of the pen in the ink and you are good to go till the ink last. It’s a cool idea I think.

Nail Art Founatin Pen

It would have performed even more seamlessly and neatly had I not used it on a base with SV Top Coat. The movement of the pen is much more controlled and even on a matte base. So that’s my next to do list with this pen. It makes life easy. You can buy the Fountain Pen here and ink here on Bornpretty Store. You can also get a 10% off sitewide with coupon code HQBQ10. Let me know your thoughts about the nail art. I hope it was not boring!!


A England Saint George - Swatches and Review

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Hi Sugars, how have you been? I am doing very good because I am drenched in my new buys. It is like an in-satiating thirst that just doesn’t get quenched with any magnitude of haul you do. The only impact that it has is a dent in your wallet. To add to the existing dent, I recently got attracted to A England Polishes. They are seductive to the T. I ordered 3 of them from Color4Nails during sale. Now I am kicking myself for not buying more. Actually I wanted to, but a couple of shades were OOS so I got only 3. Today I am showing you the first one I tried called ‘Saint George’.

A England Saint George - Swatches and ReviewThere is always a history and a legend behind the name of all A England polishes. The bottle says “Crown Yourself” which is so true. You feel really special to own them. The bottle, the name and packaging, everything exudes elegance and class. I did a little reading on what was Saint Gorge and this is what I came up with -St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.

[caption id="attachment_5855" align="alignnone" width="506"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In direct Artificial Light[/caption]

The polish is a bright sparkly Teal in simplest words. It is quite saturated and has good amount of holographic shimmer. It has beautiful shimmer of blue and green that lits up the polish from within; like literally. The polish looks deep and mysterious. When you look at the polish you will feel like there are various levels and layers beneath. In flashlight it seems like I have hidden tiny stars within the nails.

[caption id="attachment_5856" align="alignnone" width="479"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Direct Artificial Light[/caption]

But like is the case with all great polishes, they are difficult to capture on camera. Howsoever hard you try; the real beauty is far from pictures. I have made best attempts I could and clicked in Direct artificial Light and Low Sunlight. I wanted a click in bright sunlight too. But the weather in Mumbai was utterly cloudy all the while I wore the polish.

[caption id="attachment_5857" align="alignnone" width="513"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Natural Light on Cloudy Day[/caption]

The polish is opaque in one coat only. It is like full of colour, totally saturated. Still I applied 2 thin coats.

[caption id="attachment_5858" align="alignnone" width="521"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Natural Light on Cloudy Day[/caption]

I got the courier in my office for this polish. I usually never use my office address for courier but as an exception I got them in office. I was so damn crazy mad seeing them that I applied the polish in washroom. I never ever do that. I always try to keep my polish and office apart. But as I mentioned, the polish intoxicated me to do this. But instead of being happy to see them on my nails it saddened me because they looked dull. Also the application wasn’t best because I applied standing near vestibule with no rest to hands. I went home, cleaned up polish on my side walls and applied HK Girl Top Coat.

[caption id="attachment_5859" align="alignnone" width="549"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Direct Artificial Light[/caption]

Bammm!! The polish came to life and my heart started singing. The next 2 days of my life was all about experimenting on poses and lights to get the best clicks. Really I had gone crazy. I think I have done justice(or at least attempted justice) to the polish by clicking in various lights so that you could get nearest to real feel of it. Phewww!! Have any polish made you mad to this extent?? Let me know, I would love to hear. The polishes are available at Color4nails and A England website too. I am on my knees to Adina (the lady behind A England) for making these.


How Your Skin Color Influences the Skin Tightening Treatments You Should Have

September 18, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

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If you suffer from sagging skin, the good news is that there are many procedures you could try to tighten it back up. The not as good news is that, depending on your skin color, some treatments might not work well for you. That's why it's so important to understand the differences between different skin pigments and how they can be affected by each skin tightening treatment.

It's All About Oil Glands and Melanin Distribution in the Cells

Melanin is the substance that gives skin its color. It is made by melanocytes. Those melanocytes are slightly different and distributed in different ways in some people. That's what makes some people have light skin, some have dark, and some have shades that are in between.

Oil glands are also different depending on your skin color. Those with darker skin have larger oil glands. Since dark-skinned people are more prone to oily skin, they are also more prone to other skin problems, such as pimples and acne outbreaks.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion Are Bad for Oily Skin

In general, both chemical peels and microdermabrasion are bad for oily skin, whether that skin is dark or not. The reason is that both processes actually strip away the outer layer of skin, which can irritate the oil glands near the surface of the skin. An increase in oil production, combined with already irritated skin from the treatments, can create horrible acne outbreaks. That's why those procedures aren't perfect for all people. Although, it's worth noting that they can be very effective for those that have less oily skin.

Microdermabrasion is Also Bad for Dark Skin

If your skin is both oily and dark then microdermabrasion could be doubly bad for you. That's because it can disrupt the melanocytes that control the distribution of color in your skin. Essentially, it can create pools of darkness and lightness in certain areas. That could leave you looking much like a spotted dog, with different skin color in the treated area.

Laser Treatments Can Also be Bad for Dark Skin

Much like microdermabrasion, medical laser devices are best left to treating lighter skin colors. That's because they can heat up and damage the melanocytes below the skin's surface. The disruption in melanin production can wreak havoc on a person's complexion. So, if your skin is dark, most lasers should be avoided.

Even so, there are lasers that exist now that can treat some people who have darker skin. The challenge is in locating those specialized lasers. It can be done, but you might also find other skin treatments to be beneficial.

Radio Frequencies and Ultrasound Therapy Alternatives

Any therapies for sagging skin that have to do with sound waves shouldn't harm melanocytes or oil glands. That makes Ultrasound and RF treatments great choices for those with darker skin. Although, if that applies to you, you should know that these treatments are more mild than lasers and chemical peels. So, you might not see results that are as drastic as you want or expect from them.


Swatches and Review of Stay Quirky Nail Polish No Rules, Mean Dean and Sane No More

September 16, 2015 Setu 3 Comments

Hello Girls I have 3 polishes to show you today from a new brand in India called “Stay Quirky”. To begin with I love their name, it’s funky. Luckily now we have a lot of choices in Indian market for nail polishes which is a very good thing. We are getting colours, textures and variety. Stay Quirky has launched a lot of polishes in various ranges, so you are spoilt for choice. Their pricing varies depending on the line of polish. The three polishes I have are 897 No Rules from Polish Dry Line (Rs 200 for 8ml), 816 Mean Dean from Silk Effect Shades (Rs 190 for 8ml) and 607 Sane No More from Glitter Line (Rs 240 for 10ml)

[caption id="attachment_5805" align="alignnone" width="560"]Swatches and Review of Stay Quirky Nail Polish No Rules No Rules[/caption]

So let’s begin with the first one called No Rules from Polish Dry Effect Shades. It is a glitter bomb in itself and a textured polish too. I feel they are on similar lines of Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania. This is almost a dupe ‘Matinee Mauve’ from ColorShow but I find these grittier and more textured.

[caption id="attachment_5806" align="alignnone" width="543"]Swatches and Review of Stay Quirky Nail Polish No Rules No Rules[/caption]

It is rose pink colour with mauve touch to it. Along with pink glitters there are silver ones too which make it look fancy. I was worried about drying time but they are pretty fast. I guess this I have seen in most of the texture kind polishes, they dry fast. Colours of this nature and finish would go very well with Indian attires.

[caption id="attachment_5807" align="alignnone" width="548"]Swatches and Review of Stay Quirky Nail Polish Mean Dean Mean Dean[/caption]

Next up is Mean Dean from Silk Effect Shades. It is a fresh mint colour in pearl finish. I have not seen a mint colour in pearl satin finish. Honestly, even if I would have seen it I would have never picked it. And similar were my initial feelings when I saw this polish. But when I applied it, the story changed. It looks pretty and girly on nails.

[caption id="attachment_5808" align="alignnone" width="524"]Swatches and Review of Stay Quirky Nail Polish Mean Dean Mean Dean[/caption]

The pearl finish gives it a very soft touch and mint colour is just so fresh. The application was smooth and it dried up glossy. However pretty, as a matter of personal choice it still looks a bit old fashioned to me. But it’s a good base for any nail art. So my mind is running marathon to decide which nail art to do on them.

[caption id="attachment_5810" align="alignnone" width="608"]Stay Quirky Sane No More and Black Gold Nail Art Sane No More[/caption]

The last but prettiest of all is the glitter topper Sane No More from Glitter Line. It is golden glitters and hexes packed in a sheer black base. I don’t think it can build up on its own. You will need black base if you want to avoid 3 to 4 coats of polish. The polish is stunning and black & gold never fails.

Stay Quirky Sane No More and Black Gold Nail Art

I realised I could not be just swatching this polish since it will not show on its own, so I did some minimal nail art to bring out the beauty.I applied Wet and Wild Black Crème as base on all my nails. I applied one generous coat of the SQ Sane no More. I was thinking I may have to go in again but it was so glitter packed that one coat was more than enough.I stamped with ColorShow Bold Gold on two of fingers to complete the look. It did make the polish and the look very complete. What do you say?

Stay Quirky Sane No More and Black Gold Nail Art 2

Overall, I would say Stay Quirky has insane range of colours and finishes, some of which have never been launched by Indian companies. Having Textured, chromes, metallic, creams, glitter toppers etc in their collection from Day 1 of their launch is fascinating. The packaging looks sturdy and the name is really ‘Quirky’. However, my biggest put off is the Unnamed Bottles, Really?. How can anyone be expected to remember the Polish numbers that also written at the bottom of polish which fades in no time. I am guessing they have already got this feedback and they are working on it. The price of these polishes seems a little higher as opposed to its competition but may be the variety justifies it, not sure. But they are worth trying out for sure. My favourite is their New Jersey Collection. I already own 3 of them and may be getting more sometime soon.


Colorful Poppies on my Nails

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Hello Girls, How are you doing? I have been able to rekindle my love with freehand these days. I am shocked why out grew freehand, I just love it at heart. And now that I am again hitched to freehand, I feel stamping is silly. Oh God!!Give me a fair and flair for both. Anyways, I did these poppies on my nails last weekend.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

I was blank after I applied the base- OPI My Vampire is a Buff. Ideas were zooming in my mind with lightening speed but seemed good enough to settle down.

Colorful Poppies on my NailsI was going from scenery to birds to Aztec to doodles and what not. But finally I got stuck where most girls do, Florals. But this was not the end of my mental misery.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

Now I was thinking yeah flowers, but which ones?? I just picked up my brush and started painting hoping my heart will guide me and I stopped at Poppies. I had been wanting to do poppies forever but not like these. I wanted to do traditional bright red poppies on white base. Well, I will be doing them someday, for now I did this lively colourful poppies and a couple of other flowers on my nails.

Colorful Poppies on my Nails

I will not say it was easy because even though floral per say aren’t difficult but making them look real and getting swirls and effect is difficult. Over the period of time I am learning and gaining confidence in it. The technique involves some nuances of watercolour painting too to get some natural blending swirls. I did all freehand with BornPretty Store Acrylic Paints that I had been sent for consideration. You can buy them here and use my coupon code HQBQ10 to get 10% off sitewide.

Acrylic Paints from BPS

I am in love with my own nails. I couldn’t stop gazing at my own nails. I think the poppies came out well and who doesn’t love florals. Please let me know in your comments if you also feel the same.


Simple French NailArt with Neon Flowers

September 08, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, My Mantra these days is - Simple can be beautiful. I have always loved to be entangled in complex techniques and looks and execution. But off late I have been thinking and seeing a lot of accomplished nail artists that simple is beautiful too. The execution has to be taken care for a masterpiece, of course. So this is one of the nail arts I did from same Genre.

cute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

This nail art is inspired by Yagala. I happened to be browsing her account last week and took few screenshots to do inspired manis later. I am glad that ‘later’ is now. I am just trying to do what she did. And it was so quick and simple, yet I loved the result.

ute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

I have loved French nail arts since time immemorial. However, I always avoid doing it because I love wearing nail art on both hands. But my right hand French tip goes for a toss the moment I dip my fingers in Turmeric rich food that we have. It is such an irony. And I hate seeing yellow French tips!!

ute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

Anyways for this nail art, I just did a French tip with Sally Hansen White Out and used the polish brush itself for drawing. The popping neon pink is an Australian Brand Bloop (I don’t think it has a name). I used a dotting tool to draw out flowers. The rhinestones are from BornPretty Store and you can buy them here. Also if you use the discount code HQBQ10 , you will get a 10% discount sitewide.

Rhinestones from BornPrettyStore

So, here is the 5 minute nail art. Now do you also agree, that simple is beautiful? Let me know your thoughts in comment below.


Coral Tribal Nails

September 05, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

I am beginning to feel that at times (read mostly) some magnetic forces pull you towards it, whenever you are standing neutral. And you unknowingly get drifted along. I always get pulled towards Neons when I am blank about choosing colours and Florals/Tribal patterns when I am clueless on Patterns. I don’t know, it’s like when in doubt I pick up neons as colours and tribals as patterns.  Today I did not pick neon because I was reviewing NewU polish – Carmine Pink (See swatches and read review here).  Ready with the pretty peachy polish, I was wondering on what on to do on them, when a gust of wind took my mind to Tribals. Lol.

Coral Tribal Nails

My heart instantly agreed to my brain because I wanted to do a freehand.  Tribals need precision because you are working with lines and they ought to bestraight, clean and crisp. Having known the downside of tribal patterns, I still plunged into it. With nothing specific in mind, I picked up the brush and continued painting. I had to do couple of redos because the lines were not as neat. But that’s what Tribal Prints are about.

Coral Tribal Nails

The base as told above is NewU – Carmine Pink which is a warm Coral Peachy Color. I loved the base. I did not want the work to be very colourful because it would interfere with the softness of this coral base. So I just picked up a Sky Blue, White and Black Acrylic Paints. I got these for review from BornPrettyStore and you can buy them here. Also, you could get a 10% flat sitewide off if you use my coupon code HQBQ10.

Coral Tribal Nails

I am not very happy with the end result though because I felt the punch was missing. I don’t know may be I was expecting a more colourful outcome, you know how your mind is sensitised to imagine in one direction sometimes :). But my friends did like it. Let me know if you like it too by leaving comments.


Stamping NailArt on BPS Chameleon Polish

September 03, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello girls, I recently reviewed BPS Chameleon Polish in this post where I told how this polish exceeded my expectations. It is a brilliant Mutli Crome polish which can steal the show on its own. I wore this polish for 2 days without nail art after which I got an itch.

Stamping Nail Art on BPS Chameleon Polish So just the day I was about to remove this polish, I did a simple stamping nail art. I was confused as what color stamping would do justice to the pretty base as it is. Silver, Gold, Pink…Urhh I was so confused.

Stamping Nail Art on BPS Chameleon Polish

Eventually I picked up white. I would not say it was the best choice but it was decent.

Stamping Nail Art on BPS Chameleon Polish

I chose a simple web kind of pattern which would show good amount of base polish. I did not want the stamping to kill the base. I succeeded on this one may be. Let me know what you feel about it and you can buy this beautiful multi-chrome Chameleon Polish from here. Don’t forget to use my discount code HQBQ10 to avail a 10% flat discount across the site.