A England Saint George - Swatches and Review

September 18, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Sugars, how have you been? I am doing very good because I am drenched in my new buys. It is like an in-satiating thirst that just doesn’t get quenched with any magnitude of haul you do. The only impact that it has is a dent in your wallet. To add to the existing dent, I recently got attracted to A England Polishes. They are seductive to the T. I ordered 3 of them from Color4Nails during sale. Now I am kicking myself for not buying more. Actually I wanted to, but a couple of shades were OOS so I got only 3. Today I am showing you the first one I tried called ‘Saint George’.

A England Saint George - Swatches and ReviewThere is always a history and a legend behind the name of all A England polishes. The bottle says “Crown Yourself” which is so true. You feel really special to own them. The bottle, the name and packaging, everything exudes elegance and class. I did a little reading on what was Saint Gorge and this is what I came up with -St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.

[caption id="attachment_5855" align="alignnone" width="506"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In direct Artificial Light[/caption]

The polish is a bright sparkly Teal in simplest words. It is quite saturated and has good amount of holographic shimmer. It has beautiful shimmer of blue and green that lits up the polish from within; like literally. The polish looks deep and mysterious. When you look at the polish you will feel like there are various levels and layers beneath. In flashlight it seems like I have hidden tiny stars within the nails.

[caption id="attachment_5856" align="alignnone" width="479"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Direct Artificial Light[/caption]

But like is the case with all great polishes, they are difficult to capture on camera. Howsoever hard you try; the real beauty is far from pictures. I have made best attempts I could and clicked in Direct artificial Light and Low Sunlight. I wanted a click in bright sunlight too. But the weather in Mumbai was utterly cloudy all the while I wore the polish.

[caption id="attachment_5857" align="alignnone" width="513"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Natural Light on Cloudy Day[/caption]

The polish is opaque in one coat only. It is like full of colour, totally saturated. Still I applied 2 thin coats.

[caption id="attachment_5858" align="alignnone" width="521"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Natural Light on Cloudy Day[/caption]

I got the courier in my office for this polish. I usually never use my office address for courier but as an exception I got them in office. I was so damn crazy mad seeing them that I applied the polish in washroom. I never ever do that. I always try to keep my polish and office apart. But as I mentioned, the polish intoxicated me to do this. But instead of being happy to see them on my nails it saddened me because they looked dull. Also the application wasn’t best because I applied standing near vestibule with no rest to hands. I went home, cleaned up polish on my side walls and applied HK Girl Top Coat.

[caption id="attachment_5859" align="alignnone" width="549"]A England Saint George - Swatches and Review In Direct Artificial Light[/caption]

Bammm!! The polish came to life and my heart started singing. The next 2 days of my life was all about experimenting on poses and lights to get the best clicks. Really I had gone crazy. I think I have done justice(or at least attempted justice) to the polish by clicking in various lights so that you could get nearest to real feel of it. Phewww!! Have any polish made you mad to this extent?? Let me know, I would love to hear. The polishes are available at Color4nails and A England website too. I am on my knees to Adina (the lady behind A England) for making these.