Simple French NailArt with Neon Flowers

September 08, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Girls, My Mantra these days is - Simple can be beautiful. I have always loved to be entangled in complex techniques and looks and execution. But off late I have been thinking and seeing a lot of accomplished nail artists that simple is beautiful too. The execution has to be taken care for a masterpiece, of course. So this is one of the nail arts I did from same Genre.

cute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

This nail art is inspired by Yagala. I happened to be browsing her account last week and took few screenshots to do inspired manis later. I am glad that ‘later’ is now. I am just trying to do what she did. And it was so quick and simple, yet I loved the result.

ute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

I have loved French nail arts since time immemorial. However, I always avoid doing it because I love wearing nail art on both hands. But my right hand French tip goes for a toss the moment I dip my fingers in Turmeric rich food that we have. It is such an irony. And I hate seeing yellow French tips!!

ute French and Neon Flowers Nails 1

Anyways for this nail art, I just did a French tip with Sally Hansen White Out and used the polish brush itself for drawing. The popping neon pink is an Australian Brand Bloop (I don’t think it has a name). I used a dotting tool to draw out flowers. The rhinestones are from BornPretty Store and you can buy them here. Also if you use the discount code HQBQ10 , you will get a 10% discount sitewide.

Rhinestones from BornPrettyStore

So, here is the 5 minute nail art. Now do you also agree, that simple is beautiful? Let me know your thoughts in comment below.