Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

September 25, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Today’s nail art is one which re-iterates on the merits of improvising and impulsiveness. Usually a thought through plan and neat execution is bound to fetch you a perfect end result. But moments like this simply make you feel lucky because the only ingredient you put is impulsiveness and yet the results are pleasant. I was feeling very lazy with little time when I did this.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping PolishI had just done clicking my ‘I am Bored Nails’ and was about to remove the mani when I realised that I has only used up my ring finger and middle finger for design. Rest of the three fingers were just plain blue. So I decided to recycle the mani by just removing the polish work on 2 nails and painting them blue again. The blue base is sweet dusty blue from Sally Hansen Limited Edition Sea Shore Collection called the ‘Wet Suit’.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

I just had one thing sure in my mind that I wanted to use Born Pretty Store’s new range of stamping polish from Ya Qin An. I am really impressed with the numerous option of stamping polish that BPS is stocking under this brand. I was sent #22 for review. It is dusty rose pink in colour and stamps of black. The quantity of stamping polish is 18ml. Woah!! That’s huge and more than any stamping polish brand is offering. You can buy it here and get a 10% sitewide discount on using my coupon code HQBQ10. They offer free shipping too.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish

Just when I picked up this 18ml amazing stamping polish in my hand, I laid my eyes on my newly acquired stamping plate from Nail Matinee which is a start up brand in India making their own Stamping Plates and Polishes. My favourite stamping plate being NM04 which is what I am using here. I love this pattern – webbed and lacy with flowers in between. I decided to stamp on all nails, as in no concept of accent or anything. But I guess god’s wish was something else. So I ended up spoiling my middle finger while stamping and this happened  twice.

[caption id="attachment_5841" align="alignnone" width="529"]Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping Polish without Dry Flower Without the Dry Flower[/caption]

I was so sick of removing it second time that I just slathered up a layer of this stamping polish as accent and it looked good too. This was an accidental accent because I did not have energy for removing blue, applying base coat, then blue base, allow it to dry and then stamp the second time. I finished my mani with pearl finish rhinestones and went to click pictures. But it looked so bland and incomplete!!  I left my set up the way it was, rushed to my nail cupboard, pulled out a blue dried flower and stuck it on my middle finger. I cannot tell you how complete and coherent it looked now.

Webbed Floral Nails with BPS Ya Qin An Stamping PolishI clicked pictures and slept peacefully. No wait, wrong, I did another nail art. Yes, that was one of my most productive days when I was able to complete 5 successful manis back to back out of which 2 were freehand and 3 stamping. I really wish to have few more fruitful and lucky days of this sort, all my pending nail arts and swatches will be sorted. LOL. Anyways, how did you find the nail art? It was all impulsive and improvised, yet I am impressed with all the accidents that lead to this. What do you say? Do share if you have similar stories of beautiful accidents.