Lace Nails

October 10, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

Hello Girls, How are you? Sometimes; when we are out of ideas I think its best that we go back to traditional crowd pleasers. They are simple ageless tricks that never fail.

Lace Nail Art

One of such tricks is Laces. They can never ever go wrong. They effortlessly win hearts and look cute. I had applied El Corazon Prisma on my nails the previous evening. I deliberately did not do any nail art because I wanted to enjoy the polish on its own for a day.

El Corazon Prisma Swatch 1

These are scattered holo in nature with gold and red- brown shift. The colour is unique orange rust colour which also looks like rose gold from certain angles.

Lace Nail Art

I am not going deep into polish because El Corazon has pissed me big time with more than horrible customer service. They never sent my prize too from Yagala Contest. Worst experience ever!!

El Corazon Prisma Swatch

However, the polish is pretty and I was absolutely lazy to even think what I wanted to do on them. I did a couple of trials with half heart. But it did not materialise and spoilt the base polish instead. So I removed the spoilt base from 3 fingers and redid. Now since I was even less than half heart, I did not wack my brain thinking what to do. I just picked up my new BPS Plate (Item No 21814) and stamped pretty laces with MDU Cream. It’s a lovely stamping plate and I am curious to use all of them. You can buy it here and also enjoy 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.


I don’t know if it’s good, but its best I could come up on that day. The nail art looked decent and I survived the next day with it. Did you survive my post? I hope it’s not as bad.

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  1. The nail polish shade is nice. The pattern looks different.