Psychedelic Nails

October 13, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

Hi Girls, I have been doing some Halloween nails recently but I realised, they are not making me happy. Simply because I can’t relate to them and the color scheme is also repetitive for everything-  Orange/black/purple. No offense to millions who love them, but it doesn’t appeal to me. So to get some colors and lost interest in my nails I did this mani.

Psychedelic Nails

I wanted to something colourful and non-Halloween. Just then I saw #clairestelle8oct with theme “Psychedelic” and I knew what to do.

Psychedelic Nails

I had pictured this even more vibrant in my head. But you all know how nail art transforms while traversing from our mind to nails. Lol. For this mani I used Maybelline ColorShow All that Glitters from their ColorMania Range. I stamped using B Love Illusion Plate. And then, I filled in colours with Lead Light technique. It was difficult leadlighting 10 nail with 4 colors. So you girls say if it is worth? Leave your comments and let me know.

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  1. Wow, these are crazy good! I wish I had your stamping skills, it really looks so well done!