Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top

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Do you ever ponder, what is in a pink to make a girls heart melt every time she sees it? I think it is a rhetorical question which has no answer. I have thought about this a lot of times but never been able to make sense out of the unconditional love towards pink. May be because Pink is soft, innocent and cute. Irrespective, I still get amazed when a pink polish touches my nail, like it happened for this nailart.

Pink Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top

I have worn this pink in past too but every time a pink touches my nails I feel elated. I had a dinner with my friends the next night. It was a weekday so I had to go for dinner in formals. Since my dress was bound to be boring, I decided my nails had to interesting. I decided to do a matching nails.

Pink Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top 2

Now the question was how do I get the print of my top on my nails? It was a soft floral top. And when it’s floral, watercolour is my first preference. They make it look so real. The blending and the flow of the colours are so perfect. It is a peotic feeling to see one colour trespassing the boundary of other colour to give birth to a new colour and pattern.

The base for florals is Color Club Look Don’t Tusk which is my favourite off white these days. It’s the best off white I own. Of course OPI My Vampire is Buff comes close second. The dusty rose pink is You are so Crabby from Sally Hansen Sea Shore Limited Edition Collection.

Pink Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top

The flowers are all free hand using acrylic paint set from Bornpretty store that I was sent for review. You can buy them here and also get a sitewide 10% off if you use coupon code HQBQ10.

Pink Water Colour Flowers Inspired by my Top

How do you find the nail art? Isn’t it soft, sweet and pretty?

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