WoodLand Nails

November 15, 2015 Setu 1 Comments

Hi Girls, I am excited to share a nail art today that I executed after a lot of planning in my head. Surprisingly, it looks as pretty as I had thought in my imagination. I had to do a WoodLand theme for #clairestellenov8 Challenge.

WoodLand Nails

I was digging down so much for some ideas. When doing a nail art challenge I always prefer sticking to stamping. So I was hounding through all my stamping plates and trying to connect dots from different plates to frame a story. After a period of time, you accumulate so many stamping plates that you absolutely loose a track what kind of images you own ( I am so ashamed admitting this).

WoodLand Nails

After some (read lot) of thinking I picked up Q Girl 22 for WoodLand theme. The plate is gorgeous undoubtedly but the images are placed in a complicated way. It will make any normal person doubt their stamping skills. I was expecting a lot of re-work and frustration while doing these nails. But I was surprised by my precision. The base is NYX Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green and Chambor Brown. The stamping polish is Konad Brown.

WoodLand Nails 1

Overall it turned out quite real and pretty. My favourite part is the girl approaching the deer and deer looking upto her with love. I don’t know if only I can see this part or it amazes you too. Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving comments below.

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