Flowers on Holo Nails

December 30, 2015 Setu 0 Comments

Hello Friends, how have you been? I am so upset due to the dry spell in my creative idea pond for a quite some time now. I am just not able to imagine or churn out anything worth. Urrrghh!! And this feeling is driving me mad. Anyways, I turn to floral when I am out of ideas because they never(read almost never)  let you down.

Flowers on Holo Nails

And that’s what I did today. However, I am not very happy with the floral I did today. But that’s that. Not all days are good.

Flowers on Holo Nails

The base is El Corazon Prisma 30 from my beloved El Corazon. How so ever shitty the brand and the Art Director is; the polish is good. But unless you want to wait for a month to get your polish shipped, get humiliated by the Art Director for asking about shipment and then get polishes only after 2 months to see that only half your order is delivered, please don’t bother ordering from there.

El Corazon Prisma 30

I am refraining from wasting my precious words on the polish because my experience with them has left a sour unforgettable taste. The polish is pretty though, as you can see in the swatch.

El Corazon Prisma 30 Swatch

I used acrylic paint for the flowers which I got from BornPretty Store for review. I use them for almost all my freehand nail art. You can buy them here and get a flat 10% off with coupon code HQBQ10.