Colourful LeadLight Flowers

January 13, 2016 Setu 1 Comments

Hello Girls, the weather still is chilly and dry outside. Did I tell you I hate winters? Yes, I hate winters. Last year I did a lot of winter manis but this year I decided on doing something brighter to cut the gloomy spell. I intend on doing few winter nails too (if I am able to motivate myself before winter ends). For today I have a bright colourful Sun Flower nails.

Colorful SunFlower Nails

I know sunflowers are yellow but it is a sunflower of my imagination and I demand a colourful one!!. Haha.

Colorful SunFlower Nails

I can get tired of counting the number of months that I spent procrastinating on using these images from Uber Chic Set 3. I wanted to use them the moment I saw these plates launched and now we are running on Set 6 till I could finally do one!! Shame on me

I was impressed by the shading and detailing of this image. Actually, it’s the USP (Unique Selling Point) of UberChic that they lay so much emphasis on detailing and shading of each image. That differentiates them from other stamping plates.

[caption id="attachment_6272" align="alignnone" width="600"]Colorful SunFlower Nails SunFlowers in Dark without LeadLighting[/caption]

The base polish I used is also picked up with care because I wanted to show how these Sunflowers looked on GID Polish (Glow In Dark). I have used Doctor Lacquer Scuba Loha – Lau Wiliwili which is bright yellow orange polish. I could say mango colour for ease of imagination.

[caption id="attachment_6273" align="alignnone" width="600"]Colorful SunFlower Nails Colorful SunFlower Nails In Dark[/caption]

So, I clicked two pictures in Dark. The first one is without leadlight to just show the detailing of the image and the second on after Lead Light. I wanted to see both the effects and share with you as well. How do you find them? Which is your favourite, the day pics or the night ones?

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  1. Lovely mani. I loved the thought of using colors to fill those flowers