Freehand Paisley Nails – Inspired by Satya Paul Home Décor

January 22, 2016 Setu 1 Comments

Hello Girls, How are you doing? I am good and happy sharing a nail art that makes me feel myself. I love doing nails inspired by pretty things I see around; they make me take pride in my work. But due to time constraints and other restrictions (like sticking to a theme, challenges, swatching etc) I am not able to devote as much time to them. Needless to say doing nails inspired by a subject of beauty is quite complex to plan and execute, hence takes way more time than regular nails. Anyways, the post is not to rant but yeah I feel better offloading my worries and sharing with you guys at times :). Today I have my favourite designer Satya Paul for inspiration again.

Freehand Paisely Nails – Inspired by Satya Paul Home Décor Collage

I was browsing Instagram the other day (I spend most of my time on phone on Instagram, Lol) and I was tired hogging on all swatches and nail arts. As a usual practice, when I feel overdose of browsing nail art; I start browsing for images/items for inspiration. They help me clear my mind. As mentioned above, I went to Satya Paul’s IG account. I was browsing it and getting smitten by their prints & designs at the same time. The dresses, saree, tunics etc were all amazing but what caught my attention was this Cushion Cover from Satya Paul Home Decor Range.

Freehand Paisely Nails – Inspired by Satya Paul Home Décor Collage

It looked so classy, royal and a bit vintage all at same time. I just wanted them on my nails. I immediately started hunting polishes to match it as near as possible and planning on how to get the same print, effect and design.

Freehand Paisely Nails – Inspired by Satya Paul Home Décor Collage

After a lot of thinking, I decided the only way to get light yellow fabric print from within blue was a Dry Brush Technique. So on the base which is Nykaa – Hawaiin Punch I did a dry brush from NYX Pastel Yellow. Now the fabric needed sheen like a silk and a top coat would only let me settle with shine and not sheen. So I again browsed my stash and brainstormed, finally I decided a coat of Essence- Pixie Dust which is shimmer polish which is a shade shifter. It gave perfect look of a raw silk.

BornPretty Store Nail Art Brush

I then did freehand with Acrylic Paints and Hot Hot Hot favourite nail art brush which I can’t get over. I got them from BornPretty Store for review and I am giving all thumbs up for it. You can buy it here and get 10% off with my coupon code HQBQ10. Do let me know your thoughts on the nail art, it will motivate me.

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  1. I found your blog by mistake and I am so glad that I did. I browsed it a little bit and found amazing and breath taking beautiful nail art's. This freehand one is so perfectly done. Love it a lot!