Water marble on Holo Nails

January 10, 2016 Setu 7 Comments

Hi Bubbles, please do not be misguided by the subject of this post. I did not try a traditional watermarble in any way or capacity. Any similarity in WaterMarble is merely due to the WaterMarble stamping plate I used. Lol.

WaterMarble on Holo

Water marble is something I have never attempted and I do not see it happening any time soon. However, what I could attempt is buying the WaterMarble Plate launched by Bundle Monster in Collaboration with Sloteazzy.

WaterMarble on Holo

The base color is the gorgeous blingy : Cheers to Holiday (H) from Fun Lacquer. It is multi chrome polish with lots of holo. The silver polish used for stamping is Barry M Silver Foil and then of course topped it with Seche Vite.

WaterMarble on Holo

I wanted to try out on neon colors first (as if it’s a surprise). But then suddenly I got stuck at holo and thought how about holo watermarble! I am pleased at the attempt. I am all the more thrilled because this nail art is for the BM Water Marble Collab with my nail buddies. Basically, we had ordered this plate together and so thought why not do a nail art collab with the same plate? Will be posting what my other friends did on Instagram soon, till then enjoy mine.