Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli

February 19, 2016 Setu 1 Comments

Hello Girls, I am really taking a long shot today by recreating Jaunty Juli’s detailed freehand roses. Let me tell you she is a gem at detailing. Her work is always very crisp, neat and delicate. I have done 2 nail art inspired by her in the past, this is my third one. I spent 4 hours on this still I am 1/3rd of what she did.

Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli
Well, may be independently I am not displeased with what I did. But I stand it to comparison of the nail art I was trying to recreate, it makes me ashamed. I think if I just did another trial on this, I could be better. I am getting a little hang of it.

Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli

But trust me I am running out of patience to see me fail. I re-did the roses 8 times before I could get any near. I know it takes time to learn and pick up. Each time I would redo, I would feel a tiny step closer and better at it. However, the 4 hours of drill of not knowing if it turns out worthy or not drained me.

Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli

I promise I am gonna come up with a better version of this soon. How soon? Well, till I gather courage to go through the anxiousness all

Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli

The polishes used are Colorclub Look Don’t Tusk as the base for roses and Zoya April on the rest. I coated the Zoya April with Essence Glitz and Glam. The freehand is done with Acrylic Paints and detailer brush from BornPretty Store. You can buy the worthy brush here and use HQBQ10 for a 10% off sitewide. I already feel like getting a back up of this brush.

[caption id="attachment_6432" align="alignnone" width="600"]Dress matching Freehand Roses Inspired by Jaunty Juli Jacket to Match My Nails[/caption]

Do not forget to tell me how did you find my nail art? Also if you have any hacks or tricks to sail through a detailed nail art as this.

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  1. Beautiful work. Loved your jacket.

    I am a huge fan of Jaunty Juli's work too. She makes it look so effortless in her videos but when we actually sit to recreate we get to know the pain :)