Soft Mauve Nail Art

February 07, 2016 Setu 1 Comments

Ever since I swatched Zoya Whisper 2016 (here), I have transitioned to like neutrals all the more. I always loved neutrals for the peace they bring to my heart. Zoya Whisper seems to have brought Joy too! These colors are so wearable to meetings and office too. Today’s nail art is on my favourite color from this set, Zoya Eastyn.

Soft Mauve Nail Art

I am not a purple person at all. I have always been far from purple or its cousin mauve too. But Zoya Eastyn made me head over heels over this earthy mute mauve.All I wanted to do was a simple delicate stamping and an accent nails.

Soft Mauve Nail Art

The polish looks so delicate that any bold work could have just killed it. So I chose a simple interwoven heart pattern from UberChic. I am so happy I did choose this because it just looks as delicate as I had in my mind.

[caption id="attachment_6374" align="alignnone" width="600"]Soft Mauve Nail Art In SunLight[/caption]

On my accent is the super blingy Ultima (an Ultra holo silver polish) from Starilly layered thrice on Barry M Silver Foil. Although Ultima has decent coverage but I just wanted to make sure there are no bald spots so I wore a silver undie.

[caption id="attachment_6375" align="alignnone" width="600"]Soft Mauve Nail Art In SunLight[/caption]

I cannot tell you how pretty and blingy the nails looked in sun. The nail art is simple but it made my hands look extra ordinary. What do you girls think?

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