Cute Bunny Nails

March 31, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Hello Girls, I have yet another cute bunny nails for Easter. I am bit late in blogging about it, but I managed to post on Instagram timely. I did them as a second Easter nail art which would be easier and cute. But the real reason for doing this was the Bunny Glitter Polish Set I got from Etude House last year on my visit to Malaysia. As is it Etude House stores look like you entered a cake shop and this Bunny Polish peeping from the corner just looked like the icing. I fell for it and a lot of more stuff and made huge dent in my wallet. Don’t blame me, their store smells heavenly and looks all pink and sugar. You are like possessed by ‘The Pink’. I lost control (in case I have any, Lol)

Cute Bunny Nails

However, what was once deadly cute in store was lying dusty in my nail wardrobe. So I thought to myself, it has already been a year and if I don’t use it even now, it will only get used next Easter! With that in my mind, I rushed to do this apparently easy nail art.

Cute Bunny Nails

If only it was as Easy! Phew!. It was so irritating to place the bunnies on nails. The bunny is flat and our nails are bulged curved, so it was a pain to have bunny sit on nail with edges never sticking. If only I had anticipated that, I would have never done this nail art. Hmm, so good I didn’t anticipate because then my polish would have died virgin!

Cute Bunny Nails

The set contains a white polish (to be used as base) and a bottle of loose black glitter bunny along with some round gold and black glitters. The brush of Bunny Bottle is so intelligently made with L shaped bent edge to pick up glitter easily. It doesn’t have any brush, just a flat L shaped spoon kina thing.Impressed!

[caption id="attachment_6631" align="alignnone" width="600"]Cute Bunny Nails in Dark Cute Bunny Nails in Dark[/caption]

I skipped the white base and did neon peach base from Doctor Lacquer – Kumu. I wanted some element of spring too, that’s why I chose this happy neon pastel, which also glows in dark. I am obsessed by GIDs! And why not, they are so much fun. Isn’t it girls? What do you think of my mani and my GID obsession.

PS : I get scared of my own nails at night when I wear GIDs!!



  1. I like the strong contrast between the black and the neon color and the design it is indeed cute :)