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Hello Friends, today I am reviewing and sharing my experience with Four Fountain’s new Service offering which is “Home Spa”. I had visited them in past (say 2 years back) and reviewed their Spa. The pleasant experience still lingers in my mind. And now they have expanded in various locations and finally branching off to ‘Home Spa’. Well for me, any form of Spa is welcome. So let me take you through my experience with Four Fountains. Starting from why should opt for Home Spa from Four Fountain:

Reasons to Book a Fountain Home Spa

Price and Other Information: The prices for the Home Spa are same as that of the Spa. The Home Spa section of their Website is still under development which should contain more information.

Four Fountain At Home Spa
The previous week I had an appointment with another Spa which I was looking forward to. But due to immediate work engagement I had to go to office and cancel my appointment. So when Four Fountain contacted me, I gave the very next day for visit which was my off. My appointment was taken and confirmed. I had booked for a Pain Relieving Scrubassage . As on their Website :'Pain Relieving Scrubassage' is a combination of a scrub and a massage. It is performed using a special blend of clove and green tea leaves infused in a cream base. Clove is known for its pain relieving properties and reduces soreness of muscles. The fine grains of green tea increase blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which prevent potential damage from free radicals, thus promoting longevity. We recommend not having a soap bath at the end of a Pain Relieving Scrubassage.

I had booked an appointment for 2pm and the masseuse reached my house sharp on time. She was accompanied by another guy who was carrying the folding spa bed. The guy helped setting it and within 5 minutes my living room turned into a Spa. The guy then left and said he would be waiting down and will be back in an hour or so to help take it back. Since I did not want to use any personal photographs, I used a few from Four Fountains presentation that they sent.

Four Fountain Pic

The name of my masseuse was ‘Gayatri’ and she changed to her Spa Uniform and asked me to change to the disposable Spa wear (Tissue Inners and Tissue Towel). We dimmed the light of the room and I my mind drifted to Spa Zone immediately. The bed was same as what is used in Spa; a facial hole which allows you to breathe when you lie flat on your stomach for the spa. May not be for everyone but for me this was a big difference in other Home Spa and this one. I often get restless turning my face left and right gasping for breath without professional spa beds. Any massage/Spa treatment lasts to 1 hour on an average and practically half of the time you would be on your stomach. And that’s a good enough time to make you uncomfortable rubbing your nose to the sheet.

Moving ahead, Gayatri asked me what were my pain points; just like I had been asked in the Spa when I had been there. I told her my foot ache a lot and she really focussed on them through the spa. She constantly asked about pressure of massage and my comfort. The quality of the spa was exactly same as what I had experienced in Spa. I can also say this because I had opted for the same pain relieving Scrubassage, so I could do a fair comparison. The massage was extremely relaxing and I felt pain tipping off my body with each stroke of the massage. I was really rejuvenating.

Four Fountain Pic

Now when the massage ended, I was worried that I should keep the scrub for 45 minutes and not have bath immediately. So how will I walk around and sit with the scrub and green tea remains on my body? Just then Gayatri took out a disposable Gown for me to wear and move easily. Not only that, before I could get down the bed she made me wear the disposable slippers too. Ahhh! I felt off the hook from the worry of wiping off my scrub through my entire house. Gayatri then changed back to her dress, took my feedback and left. The guy ofcourse came by then to help her with bed etc.

Overall, it was great experience and it was nearest to the feel of Spa one could get at home. Following are the easy steps to book a Home Spa with Four Fountains.

Four Fountain Book a Home Spa

Since their ‘Home Spa’ Section of their website is under development, I would strongly recommend to include the following information:

  1. Dimensions of the Bed the Masseuse will be carrying and suggested space needed, so that one can decide and provision beforehand.

  2. Information that a guy from Spa will be visiting along with the masseuse because I was shocked to see a guy with her. Also I was worried where and what he is gonna do while I have avail the service. This may sound silly but is very important. A lot of girls may be alone at home and may be startled by an unexpected guy and wonder where to park him for 1 hour of service. Although the guy said he will be waiting downstairs after setting up the bed and everything. But I was utterly worried and in suspense for 10 minutes, till he had told me.

  3. The set of disposable garments that will be provided, which is actually a good long list.

Final Verdict: When you call just masseuses/girls from you local salon to home for massage, you are the one doing most work. Arranging bed, changing, cleaning, dirtying sheets, giving instructions etc which takes away a lot of relaxation that one was supposed to derive out of Spa and it seems like a chore at the end. Four Fountains really took that worry off. The service is standard and scope is professionally decided, so you know each time what to expect and there are no surprises.

Now with At Home Fountain Spa service, all of the above gets sorted. I genuinely felt that worry off. I have always loved Four Fountain Spa, their service and most of all caring staff. At Home Spa is a great and convenient offering of quality spa without you travelling and wasting time.


  1. Sounds like a thoroughly relaxing experience and nice that you can get it done at the comfort of your house.

  2. Thanks for sharing this . Most of the time I do my own, but lately I have started enjoying having it done in a salon. I still find it hard to squeeze in time for that so this sounds just about perfect. :)