Fuchsia and Silver Nails

March 01, 2016 Setu 0 Comments

Hi Girls, the nail art I am sharing today is very festive. I usually avoid wearing very safe no brainer color combinations which have been hot and rocking since ages. Like a black & gold, Red &gold, Black & Red etc where there is no level of experiment or fun or surprises and even a simple nail art will pop because of the combination. So I mostly like playing with unconventional colours where there is a little element of brainstorming and surprise. Well, today isn’t one of those days.

Fuchsia and Silver Nails

Offlate I have been awestruck with Orly, like a little (read major) crush on Orly; their colors, formula, finish, just everything. I am just building on my Orly Stash these days. Anyways, I had some Orly polishes which were still unused from last to last haul. What a shame!

Fuchsia and Silver Nails

So I just blindly jumped to swatching Orly Electric Pop without any design in mind. Oh Boy!! I cannot tell how pretty it is. It is a luscious Raspberry coloured polish with an amazing squishy finish and gloss. I wore the beauty without any art for a day and then decided to do something. I got tired thinking of combinations and eventually I pulled out my silver stamping polish (Barry M Silver Foil).

Fuchsia and Silver Nails 1

On my accent I applied Starilly Ultima and stamped with Barry M Silver using NM 03. Did I tell you I love Starilly Ultima. It undoubtedly was pretty but didnot touch my heart because I feel the colors were magical than the art. And now I am not sure if any of you can make sense of what I am saying. Lol. Share your thoughts on this logic of mine and nail art, I am waiting to know.