Orly Melrose Collection - Review and Swatches

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The ORLY Melrose Spring 2016 Collection features six new nail shades in a variety of finishes all inspired by the famous Melrose Avenue in L.A. I got them after taking lots of favours from my friends travelling from US. I liked almost all the colours of this collection; they seemed so fresh and vibrant. Anyways, I am biased towards Orly because of their amazing formula. They are all two coaters mostly, luscious shine without top coat, great colors and grip caps for easy application. Anyways, let’s jump to the review without wasting time.

Orly Melrose Cllection - Review and Swatches

Beautifully Bizzare : It is soft pink in colour and has a pearl finish. I can say it is shell pink with iridescent light blue shimmer. The shimmer isn’t very visible though. One may require from 2 to 3 coats to build up the color. I did 3.

Orly Melrose Collection - Beautifully Bizzare

The pink is actually dull and can give the look of pearl in various lights. I love crème and Jelly finishes, pearl finish just doesn’t work for me. So this is my least favourite out of the set.

Orly Melrose Collection - Beautifully Bizzare

Window Shopping: Ahh! This is such a delight. It is neon berry type pink with coral undertones. It leans towards red. The underlying coral makes this color so adorable and just prevents it from being ridiculously neon which would have made it look ordinary. It is super bright watermelon kind of neon.

Orly Melrose Collection - Window Shopping

The formula is amazing; it’s a jelly which builds up like a crème. It dries up so glossy and juicy. It looked so luscious that I felt if I just pricked my nails, I might have juice flowing out of it.lol. However, I felt the top coat (Seche Vite) changed a color a bit and now it leaned more towards red than without top coat. However, the difference is very minor and in no way hampers my love for ‘Window Shopping’.

Orly Melrose Collection - Window Shopping 3

Vintage: It is bright mint green crème polish. It is very bright in person, if I took a lovely mint shade and made it neon; it would be this.

Orly Melrose Collection - Vintage 1

It is great summer/spring color. It dries up glossy and rich. It may be three coater for some, but I managed with a two coat only. This is perfect dupe for China Glaze Too Yatch to Handle. The only difference being it dries out glossy while CG dries little matte.

Orly Melrose Collection - Vintage

Feel The Funk: This is one of the most raved about color from the collection. It is a mauve shimmer with holographic glitter. And I guess the good amount of holographic glitter that made people crazy.

Orly Melrose Collection - Feel The Funk

It is a sheer mauve jelly with sprinkled holographic particles. And they sparkle more than any average holo glitter sprinkled polish. I think Orly is good at doing this like Sparkling Garbage, Mirror Ball etc. It is a fun color and I don’t have such a combination in mauve so I love it.

Orly Melrose Collection - Feel The Funk

[caption id="attachment_6538" align="alignnone" width="600"]Orly Melrose Collection - Feel The Funk Macro Orly Melrose Collection - Feel The Funk Macro[/caption]

Trendy: This is brightest of the lot, closely followed by Vintage. It is funky peach neon color (not in your face neon but in the neon genre) with some glass/crystal like flecks. It is not textured or very gritty though.

Orly Melrose Collection - Trendy 3

This is not a unique color per say, because almost established brands who have neon collections have a similar color. What is different here is the glass/crystal like flecks and the great formula. It is great spring color I must say.

Orly Melrose Collection - Trendy

Hip and Outlandish: This is the brightest teal I own or have seen. Orly has taken a pretty classic teal to a neon like bright version. They are the glossiest and most popping out teal I have.

Orly Melrose Collection - Hip and Outlandish

However, the amount of pain that I had to take to click its picture is quite proportional to its beauty. It is so much greener and pepped up in person but the sad pictures just made it look so ordinary. I think there something with Orly Teals; these bad boys just don’t behave infront of a camera. I had similar issues with Make UP to Break Up.

Orly Melrose Collection - Hip and Outlandish

Overall, this collection has a great mix of finishes; crème, jelly, glitter, flecks. However all colours may not be unique. To be fair it is so difficult to launch a unique color with a market that has already explored all possible colors. And with the exponentially growing number of polishes that we own, it is challenge for any brand to establish a difference or uniqueness.

I bought the collection from http://Nailsupplies.us at roughly 24 usd which is a total steal. My favourites are Window Shopping and Hip and Outlandish. What is yours?