Feather Nails in Antique Mood

May 17, 2016 Setu 5 Comments

Pristine Feather NailsHi Girls, welcome to some sober yet glitzy nails after a lot of neons and florals. I am just doing a little cleansing of my pupils with a sober mani after lots of outrageous brights. However, its summer and I can’t stay away from brights and florals for long! So I will be back in my zone soon.

Pristine Feather Nails

Although the mani is not in bright colors but the glitzy tips make them look bright and festive. My sister who stays in Atlanta after marriage brought in my new list of lemmings. The top two were OPI Bubble Bath and Essie hors d'oeuvres which I am glad to have with me now.

Pristine Feather Nails

I sure wanted to do a mani combining them. And then I thought if I am using all new polishes, let me use my new stamping plate too which also my sis got; Bundle Monster Festive Set. I have not loved any set so completely as much as I loved this.


I used the base as OPI Bubble Bath and sponged the tips with Essie Hors d'oeuvres. They looked pristine on their own too. Still, I went ahead and did a minimal contrast stamping to let the nails continue looking soft. To aid the look, I picked my Konad Special White and BMS308. I loved the intricate feather prints there.

Then I did the obvious top coat with Seche Vite and since I was at my mom’s; I didn’t miss the opportunity to click with some flowers and leaves.

The white rose in my mom’s garden complemented the mani so much. And my mom also loved it because I clicked those white roses like they were a star. She is a little emotional about her garden and those flowers are her children.LOL. Anyways the question is whether my nails look like star?