Minty Contrast Nails

May 11, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Have you all been ever captivated by the weather/season living on the digital world (internet), more than the weather around you in real world! It happens with me.The entire Nail Art fraternity, spread across all social media is just rubbing one pretty spring mani after the other. Oh Boy! It’s so difficult to resist one. Although the humid summer of Mumbai is officially here, I just feel myself soaking in some spring manis.

Mint Contrast Nails

I want to all use all my spring colours and pastel shades in one form or the other. So I pulled out Orly Vintage which one of my favourite Summer Mint Colour. The only thing I was sure is I wanted to apply it, anyhow. I had no idea on how to pair it with nail art. With only an Orly Vintage in hand at 11 pm, I couldn’t figure out what form of art could I possibly do on it.I so wanted to do a freehand floral mani but it was too late to even think of it. So I was left with the option of stamping only.

Mint Contrast Nails 1

I wanted a contrast mani or something like a cool color block or totally monochromatic combination with this fresh mint. I painted two of my fingers black and stamped them with White Konad. I used Bundle Monster CYO 2014 – BM603 which is one my favourite plates in the set. Overall, I am happy with the mani. It’s bright with good contrast patterns.


  1. I loved the idea of Minty Contrast nail art. The design looks pretty

  2. Mint green is one of my favorite colors and I love here the accent nails a lot!