Orange Flowers

May 30, 2016 Setu 2 Comments

Its summer friends and all I can think of is some form of freshness, bright colours and a beach holiday. Well, I just had my share of beach holiday last week, so that’s striked off for a while atleast. So, I am left with looking towards bright colors and seek freshness. It’s no surprise that my imagination and control to them begins and ends with nail art. I am just dipping my fingers in bright colors or designs these days.

Orange Flowers

I love orange hues in general and for summers it a more than welcome color for summers. I decided to swatch and enjoy latest orange hue in my stash- Essie Sunshine State of Mind. It’s a lovely bright color, instantly lifts up your mood. It is a little earthy toned orange or if I may say bright burnt toned orange. Whatever it is I love it.

Orange Flowers

Now my intention was more to wear orange than to flaunt a nail art. Hence I decided to wear a sober yet punchy swatch of this orange and just give a little edge with an accent nail.

Orange Flowers 2

I made a stamping decal using Bundle Monster Lotus Mat and UberChic 06-01. The floral image looked pretty. I swiped a little bit of Fun Lacquer ‘Art of Sparkle’ on the petal of the flowers even before filling in any colors. The flowers would look a little sparkly this way.


Then I filled in ‘Essie Sunshine State of Mind’ for flowers and ‘Sally Hansen Green with Envy for Leaves’. I used Rhinestone from BornPretty Store to further butify them and finished them with Seche Vite. So, who loves these orange flowers?